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These lessons from international wilderness expedition leaders will make you more independent, capable, and confident on your next adventure.
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Nasopharyngeal tumors are exceedingly rare but their clinical presentation often includes symptoms commonly seen in the ED. These may include symptoms of more benign conditions, such as rhinitis or si
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Clues and questions that can lead you on the right path to this sometimes intimidating next step.
Consider pulmonary hypertension when evaluating patients with shortness of breath because this condition is under-diagnosed and can be easily missed. Follow this case to clue in.
One of the most common fractures seen in the ED - and one of the most painful to manipulate and reduce prior to splinting. This nerve block can help.
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Sweet! Cool! Oh ... The popular food or drink enhancement tactic of adding liquid nitrogen can have alarming effects - possibly fatal.
Resources to help victims of human trafficking in your emergency department are at the ready.
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Interested in being an EMRA program representative? Two EMRA leaders have advice on getting the position funded.
In this patient, bedside transthoracic echocardiography was key to discovering the cause of chest pain and shortness of breath.