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The crisis in Ukraine has created a pivotal time for emergency physicians to provide the right type of aid and, eventually, help bolster EM education and practice within Ukrainian health care.
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One of the things EMRA loves most – and does best – is help to create confident, inspiring leaders to guide the specialty into the future.
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How does EMRA work for you? EMRA President Angela Cai's story was impacted by every piece of EMRA's representative process.
It's that time of year again. "Are you gonna run for chief?" Two former chiefs share some tips to help guide your decision-making.
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EMRA President-elect Abbey Smiley, MD, is ready to tackle the challenges that lie ahead with the healthcare workforce in America.
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EMRA Director of Education Erin Karl has been working to illuminate and elevate medical education since her own days as a medical student.
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EMRA Secretary of the Board/EM Resident Editor-in-Chief Jessica Adkins Murphy is ready to elevate the voice of emergency medicine through print and digital outreach.
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EMRA Vice Speaker of the Council Amanda Irish wants you to know policy can be a powerful way to shape the profession you want.
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EMRA Board Member-at-Large Blake Denley is breaking new ground in a role dedicated specifically to connecting with members at every stage of their development.
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EMRA President Angela Cai, MD, MBA, has a clear message as she steps up to the helm: Let's work together. This specialty's future will be stronger if every member participates in a direct, open, colla