EMRA Health Policy Academy

The EMRA Health Policy Academy is a highly selective year-long academy that will train you to be a policy advocate in emergency medicine. It’s designed to give passionate residents like you the opportunity to impact policy within Emergency Medicine at a local and national level and set you up for a lifetime of advocacy and national involvement.

2024 Health Policy Academy Class

What is the EMRA Health Policy Academy?

You’ll start by writing resolutions for and helping run the policy portion of the EMRA meetings at ACEP. Then, you’ll get training in resolution writing, parliamentary procedure, specific issues affecting Emergency Medicine and how to advocate for them. Later, you’ll get to lobby on Capitol Hill with ACEP at the Leadership & Advocacy Conference (LAC) and attend unique leadership training and in-depth talks from policy leaders. Finally, you’ll get the unprecedented opportunity to advocate at the ACEP Council, where Emergency Physicians from across the country debate and vote on ACEP policies that affect all of our patients. And in the process, you’ll create a valuable network of advocates to learn from, starting with your co-fellows.

Program Requirements:

  • Open to Medical Students, Fellows, PGY1, PGY2, PGY3+
  • Monthly to bimonthly Zoom meetings, including a resolution review call prior to ACEP
  • Attendance for the spring meeting:
    • EMRA Representative Council Reference Committee pre-conference virtual meeting and public hearing
    • EMRA Representative Council Meeting
  • Attendance at ACEP's Leadership & Advocacy Conference in Washington, D.C.
  • Attendance at the following events at ACEP Scientific Assembly:
    • EMRA Representative Council Reference Committee pre-conference meeting and in-person public hearing
    • EMRA Representative Council Meeting
    • EMRA Board policy review meeting at ACEP
    • ACEP Council, 2 days

What benefits will you receive?

  • Unprecedented experience learning how to craft new policy from “the ground up”
  • Refine lifelong public speaking skills
  • Advocate on behalf of medical students and residents across the country
  • Establish professional contacts across emergency medicine
  • Connect with your local ACEP chapter for further development and opportunities
  • Receive funding to attend the highly coveted ACEP Council Meeting
  • Interact with thought leaders across the specialty

Don't miss out on joining the Health Policy Academy in 2024, applications are now closed for the 2024 class. 

Questions? Email us! 

Recent EMRA Council initiatives include:

  • Supporting nourishment in the workspace
  • Supporting easy and unconditional access to PPE for EM trainees
  • Plans to study EM resident compensation
  • Recognizing excessive use of force by police as a public health issue

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