EM Day of Service

As emergency physicians, residents, nurses, physician assistants, and medical students, we are servant leaders in our communities. We care and advocate for our patients while working clinically. We also respond to the call to give back to the communities we serve. The EM Day of Service was created with this essential concept in mind. The EM Day of Service is a specialty-driven event where emergency care providers identify community needs and volunteer to address those needs. 

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Who should join the movement?

While driven by EM residents and medical students, all emergency healthcare providers are invited to participate! Emergency physicians, PAs, nurses, nurse practitioners, paramedics and others involved in the emergency care of patients are encouraged to volunteer in communities across the country.

What should we do and where?

Volunteer in your own community. Decide where the needs are greatest and go into action! Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Host a food drive
  • Help with a construction project (build, paint, remodel) for a community building or a family in need
  • Provide health screen checks at local health fairs
  • Pick up trash in a neighborhood or clean a highway
  • Prepare and serve meals at your local shelter or help with projects, anything from helping with construction to discussing healthcare issues with inhabitants
  • Prepare food for a food delivery service that aids the disabled, severely ill or elderly
  • Visit nursing home residents. Read, play music, participate in their events, lead fun activities
  • Mow or rake lawns for the elderly or disabled
  • Clean up a park or community gathering spot

When is EM Day of Service?

  • Pick a day - any day or several days - in September every year! Plan your service time anytime between September 1 and September 30
  • By choosing several days during the month, this will help you manage clinical hours and volunteer hours. Perhaps some work while others volunteer and vice-versa. It's up to you to determine the most efficient scheduling of your volunteer project

How to participate?

It's free - all you need to do is register!

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Once we receive your registration, you will receive a promotional packet containing the EM Day of Service logos, fill-in-the-blank fliers, and press release you can customize to send to media outlets, community organizations and your institution.

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