Join the Medical Student Council

The following position descriptions should help you get an idea of the responsibilities you will have in your coming year on the EMRA Medical Student Council (MSC). As you can see, the descriptions are short. There is so much more that you will be accomplishing as a member of the Council than just the summary placed here.

Applications are due November 1st each year. Appointments are for a one-year term beginning March 1st and ending March 31st of the following year. Each position also includes funding to attend the CORD Annual Meeting and ACEP Scientific Assembly, which are the two in-person meetings of the EMRA MSC that occur each year.

Application Process

Questions may be directed to the Medical Student Council Chair at, or EMRA staff or 469-312-0920


EMRA Membership: Applicants must maintain EMRA membership as of the application deadline and for their entire term, if appointed.

Letter of Intent: Please include the following information:

  • Name, address, email, telephone, medical school, year of graduation, EMRA member # (if known) and position for which you are applying. 
  • What you hope to bring to EMRA and to the MSC during your term of appointment.
  • Your anticipated availability to attend a virtual spring meeting in March and ACEP's Scientific Assembly in October (to the best of your knowledge). The two main meetings of the medical student council will take place at these conferences.
  • Please also indicate whether you would be willing to serve in a different capacity if you are not chosen for the position to which you are applying. For example, if you apply for West Regional Coordinator on the MSC and are not selected, we can consider you for a West Rep Position, but ONLY if you indicate that you would be willing to serve in another capacity.

Current CV

Letter of Support required from a medical school Dean.

Letter of Recommendation optional from advisor, faculty mentor, etc. Recommended but not required except for the position of MSC Chair (due to travel requirements).


  • Please do not submit duplicate applications (applications will only be processed via the platform). It is the responsibility of the party submitting the application to ensure receipt by EMRA. All submissions will be acknowledged by e-mail.
  • Applications must be received by November 1, before midnight, Central Time.
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Medical Student Council (MSC) Position Descriptions


  • Coordinate Activities of the MSC and serve on the EMRA Board of Directors
  • Participate in EMRA Board of Directors meetings and conference calls (monthly)
  • CORD in the spring (5 days)
  • Leadership & Advocacy Conference in the spring (4 days - optional/if available)
  • Scientific Assembly in the fall (8 days)
  • Board Retreat in January (4 days)
  • Represent medical student interests to the EMRA Board
  • Represent the MSC and medical student membership at the EMRA Representative Council meetings
  • Serve as the student voice of the organization

Vice Chair

  • Assist the MSC Chair in his or her duties
  • Assist the Chair with the internal direction of the MSC board
  • Take notes and distribute minutes of MSC meetings and conference calls


  • Primary role is the organization and oversight of the medical student section of EM Resident 
  • Review and edit the monthly medical student newsletters before distribution
  • Compose the medical student section of "What’s Up in Emergency Medicine" E-newsletter
  • Provide educational resources to medical students interested in emergency medicine
  • Provide general editorial assistance for policy statements, website updates, etc.
  • Serve on the EMRA Editorial Committee

Web Technology Coordinator 

  • Create, update, and maintain the medical student section of the Association’s website
  • Represent the MSC to the EMRA Informatics Committee 
  • Maintain the subscription list for the Medical Student newsletters.

Osteopathic Coordinator

  • Serve as the voice for osteopathic medical students on the MSC
  • Work with the MSC to organize and maintain the list of Emergency Medicine Interest Group (EMIG) Reps
  • Work with the Mentorship Coordinator to develop and assist with medical student membership recruitment efforts

Legislative Coordinator

  • Keep up-to-date on advocacy legislation and policy and disseminate it to the medical student population
  • Help the EMRA Board Legislative Advisor with the planning for the Resident Track at ACEP's Leadership & Advocacy Conference
  • Serve on the EMRA Health Policy Committee

Mentorship Coordinator

  • Oversight of EMRA Resident-Student Mentorship Program 
  • Match students with resident mentors and provide both with contact information. Establishing quarterly feedback on mentorship program


  • Oversee activities of the Medical Student Council (MSC)
  • Coordinate tasks requiring information gathering and dissemination to/from local Emergency Medicine Interest Groups (EMIGs)
  • Work with the Regional Reps to organize and maintain the list of EMIG Reps


  • Serve as a regional coordinator for local EMIG reps
  • Work with the other MSC members to organize and maintain the list of medical school contacts
  • Create outreach program for local EMIGs
  • Assist the MSC Chair with yearly objectives
  • Work on other projects as assigned
  • Serve on an EMRA Committee of their choice

International Representative

  • Same function as a Regional Rep, except for international schools, particularly Canada and the Caribbean
  • Serve on the EMRA International Division


  • Serves on the EMRA MSC and acts as the ACEP Representative to the AMA-MSS. Full position description here.


  • Represent the interest of medical students with respect to advising initiatives to committees/task forces as directed by the MSC Chair
  • Serve as the primary point of contact and student coordinator for the EMRA Hangouts program
  • Identify, propose, and coordinate additional projects relying on current and vetted information to help medical students navigate the residency application process and begin developing a career in emergency medicine