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Splinting Techniques

Published: July, 2017

When you need a quick refresher on various splinting techniques, this handy resource can help. Developed by the former chair of the EMRA Sports Medicine Division and reviewed by the 2017 chair of the ACEP Sports Medicine Section, this free, downloadable PDF offers baseline splinting guidance, illustrations and steps for 11 different techniques, plus indications and complications.

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Stepwise Approach to ECG Interpretation

Published: July, 2021

This trifold card offers a stepwise approach to interpreting ECGs on-shift in the emergency department. Use this go-to resource to develop a consistent approach and more quickly identify concerning patterns, potential problems, and important etiology. This resource fits in the pocket of your scrubs and is built to withstand disinfecting wipes. The ECG Interpretation Card is best for medical students, off-service rotators in the ED, PAs, NPs, nurses, EMS, and any other healthcare team member who wants to learn more about ECG interpretation.

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Critical Medications

Published: October, 2016

This pair of double-sided, badge-sized reference cards will help you make the right decisions quickly when it comes to critical medication dosages. The cards attach to your badge holder for speedy access, bringing key information literally to your fingertips. Please note: Orders include 1 set of badge cards; badge holder NOT included.

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Published: February, 2017

EMRA's indispensable pocket reference for the intubation of patients is a must-have resource for every emergency department. This two-sided card is full of information on drips, tube placement, and the Glasgow Coma Scale for treating patients of all ages – from neonates to adults.

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Ventilator Management

Published: October, 2016

The EMRA Ventilator Management card is designed to fit in your pocket and meet your needs when managing patients with acute respiratory failure who require mechanical ventilation. It offers an overview of ARF, non-invasive and invasive mechanical ventilation modes, ventilator waveforms, troubleshooting, and weaning from the ventilator. Member copies are provided in part by an educational grant from Vapotherm; EMRA appreciates their support.

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PressorDex Adult Infusion

Published: June, 2021

This indispensable tri-fold clinical card serves as an adjunct to EMRA's popular PressorDex®. This color-coded pocket reference includes pertinent sections on anticonvulsants, antidotes, antiplatelets/anticoagulants, thrombolytics, inotropes, pressors, antihypertensives, sedation, analgesia, and much more.

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Pediatric Qwic

Published: May, 2017

EMRA’s comprehensive quick-reference card puts indispensable pediatric medical information at your fingertips -- from proper dosages to vital statistics by age. The tri-fold Qwic Card includes pertinent sections for critical care including: toxicology formulas, treatment of DKA, treatment of hyperkalemia, neonatal resuscitation, modified infant GCS score, RSI-pretreatment, RSI-Induction, RSI-paralysis ventilation, pearls, fluids, sedation and analgesia, seizure medication, anaphylaxis, asthma and croup, medication drips, cardiac medication and arrhythmia, antihypertensives and diuretics, antidotes, antibiotics, blood products, and rhythm disturbances (fast, slow, pulseless arrest). Also included is a chart of average vitals and equipment sizes by age (newborn to 12 yrs).

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Published: July, 2014

Emergent delivery? Septic newborn? Confidently handle these less-than-comfortable situations in the emergency department. This practical, two-sided pocket card includes initial vent settings, antibiotic and pressor dosages, neonatal airway pearls, a neonatal resuscitation algorithm, and more.

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