EMRA Committees

Joining EMRA Committees is easy and FREE.

Just log into your EMRA account and select which one(s) you wish to join.

Once you join, you will receive an invitation to be part of the EMRA Committee Basecamp, which helps facilitate communication and collaboration.


Administration & Operations

Interested in administration, operations, management and quality improvement?  The Administration and Operations Committee is for you!

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Critical Care Committee

Looking to sharpen your skills in the resus bay? Launching a career in the ICU? The Critical Care Committee is devoted to providing up-to-date information for your sickest patients. With vents, drugs/bugs and acid/base, we’re the Committee for your inner nerd as it pursues one of the hottest fields in emergency medicine.

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Diversity & Inclusion Committee

We aim to promote the continued growth of emergency medicine to reflect the patients whom we serve. By promoting mentorship and scholarship of diverse individuals and celebrating and learning from those who have come before us, we hope to ensure culturally competent quality care to all our patients.

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Education Committee

Keep your fingers on the pulse with EMRA EdCom! We grow leading speakers with our 20 in 6 Resident Lecture Competition. We make studying great again with our Quiz Show. We bring residents and students cutting edge content and create opportunities to collaborate with the best educators in the country.

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Government Services Committee

Through EMRA’s Government Services Committee, we are establishing a sustainable network between all military service emergency medicine residents to help civilian residents transition to military careers and foster academic collaboration among all the armed services.

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Health Policy Committee

Develop your voice in EM policy. Engage directly with elected officials who craft legislation affecting your career and patients. Get personalized mentorship from attendings on building your own policy career. Contribute to policy conversations by publishing articles and joining the lively discussions in the PolicyRx Journal Club. Come join us!

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International Committee

The International Committee seeks to connect you with residents, attendings, and other mentors who are involved in International Emergency Medicine.  Join us today to learn how you can find your niche, and make a difference in global health and humanitarian projects!

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Pediatrics EM Committee

Are you curious about PEM topics? Considering applying for a PEM fellowship? Or do you just like interacting with kids more than adults in the ED? If you find the idea of PEM interesting, come visit our division page for more information on fellowships, projects, conferences, educational resources and much more.

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Prehospital & Disaster Medicine Committee

Tired of your office job? Look beyond the walls of the hospital. Emergency physicians have critical roles to play in support of fire, EMS, air medical transport, law enforcement, search and rescue, and disaster relief. Explore this austere niche of medicine, and bring your knowledge and skills to the front lines.

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Research Committee

Thinking about starting a research project? There's an EMRA Research Grant for that. Want to be a more critical consumer of medical literature?  Stay tuned for (and consider contributing to) EMRA Journal Club in EMRA Mag. Check out our links to research resources, or join community that can help you at any stage. 

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Joining EMRA Committees is easy and FREE.

Just log into your EMRA account and select which one(s) you wish to join.

Once you join, you will receive an invitation to be part of the EMRA Committee Basecamp, which helps facilitate communication and collaboration.


Simulation Committee

We are the bridge between textbook knowledge and real-world medicine.  We are the forum that enables deliberate practice.  We are time-keepers and evaluators for innovative medical education.

And also...we have fun doing it!  Just keep simmin' just keep simmin'.

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The Social Emergency Medicine Committee is focused on integrating social determinants of health, social justice, and advocacy for the underserved into the specialty of emergency medicine.

Let's help make social EM the next big thing in emergency medicine!

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Sports Medicine Committee

We are here to provide our members valuable information, including: A comprehensive list of fellowship programs, how to pursue fellowships, elective opportunities, mentorship support, publications, and various clinical resources within the world of sports medicine.  Join our group today and find out more!

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Technology, Telehealth & Informatics Committee

Members of the TTI Committee seek high quality ways to use clinical information in the ED. Informatics is the science of how information is stored, used, manipulated and shared. We seek ways to reduce the time you spend charting while increasing quality and time at the bedside. When clinical systems work right, the clinician's quality of life and job satisfaction also improve.

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Toxicology Committee

Toxicology is where you can find quick and relevant information on the newest trends in Tox. Check out our “Pearl of the Week” on Twitter, review interesting cases in EM Resident or contact us for ways to get involved! Interested in a toxicology fellowship? Check out the fellowship guide! 

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Ultrasound Committee

We exist to make sure you have access to cutting edge resources and the best possible training in ultrasound. We’ll provide you with valuable information about high-yield content and novel applications of ultrasound that will make you more effective and save you time and frustration.

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Wellness Committee

Tired? Burned out? Enjoy being well? Join the Wellness Committee to learn ways to combat burn out and interact with like-minded individuals. Get involved with major organizations that have joined forces with EMRA to help fight against physician burn out. Please explore our wellness resources!

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Wilderness Committee

Interested in dealing with high altitude and dive medicine, splinting a leg with sticks and parachute cord, or medicine in remote and wild places? The wilderness medicine committee has resources to get you involved! Our goal is to help you explore educational opportunities like wilderness adventure races to hone your skills and to foster a community to support lifelong learning in wilderness medicine.

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