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This is brand new, must listen to - podcasts produced by residents, for all of EM!

ACEP Committee Deadline

Serve on an ACEP Committee

Would you like to serve on a national ACEP Committee? It's a great way to become involved in our specialty!

Quiz Show 2016 _ 2

Twelve Teams; Two Hilarious Hours!

Oh, there will be surprises this year! You'll come watch, right?

I'll Be There!
20 in 6_ 2016

Take the 20 in 6 Challenge!

Want to present an EM topic at ACEP16? Apply by June 15!

I Need Details
SIMWars 2016

SIMWars Teams Announced!

Who will be victorious? You'll know on Friday, May 13 at SAEM. Join us!

Who Are They?
LAC 2016

Leadership & Advocacy Conference

Passionate about EM? This is the conference to attend; May 15 - 18, 2016.

emCareers.org_ Overachiever II

Ready to Focus on the Job Search?

Take care of your career just like you do your physique!

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    EMRA Updates

    • Emergency Medicine Milestones

      On behalf of the ACGME, myself and the members of the Emergency Medicine Review Committee and Dr. Earl Reisdorff, Executive Director of the ...

    • Understanding Milestones - An Overview

      What are milestones, where did they come from and what do they mean to me? A quick read on understanding milestones and why they are importa...


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