EMRA Mentorship Program Guidelines

1. Contact your assigned mentor or student within two weeks of your assignment. Provide them with best way to get in touch with you. Contact your mentor/student by phone or email as often as mutually desired to answer questions and provide advice and support. Time commitment will be variable depending on the individual. Recommended contact is at least once a month.

2. Feedback. Please give us feedback on your experience as a mentor or student. We will solicit your feedback in November and March to see if this was a useful, what you liked and disliked, and what we can to do to improve. Feel free to provide feedback at any point if you have additional suggestions.

3. What do we talk about? For the mentors, provide some of your experiences.  Why did you apply to emergency medicine? What do you like and dislike about being an EM resident? What other fields did you consider and why did you select EM? What 4th year rotations prepared you best for your residency? How does the application process work and what advice do you have for “surviving the match”? For the students, ask any questions you have about the match, choosing emergency medicine as a career, and EM residency.

4. Refer students to their advisor or EM department, SAEM virtual advisor (www.saem.org), or Medical Student Governing Council (www.emra.org) for additional information if they have specific questions you are unable to answer. Specific questions about where to refer students can be directed to academicaffairsrep@emra.org.

5. Do NOT bad mouth any specific residency program. Any reports of this will result in your immediate termination as a mentor. Your job is to provide objective information and answer general questions from a resident perspective.


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