Leadership Excellence Award

Purpose of Award: This award is presented to a resident who has demonstrated outstanding leadership ability.

Application Process: Single letter of support, the nominee's curriculum vitae, and application form

Eligibility: Resident member of EMRA
Selection Criteria: Significant and sustained contributions to the field of emergency medicine.

Award: Plaque and $1000

Application Deadline: July 15

Award Date: Fall Meeting

Date of Inception: 1985

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Past Recipients

1986 Joseph W. Boyle, DO and
Carla E. Murphy, DO
1987 James D. Woodburn, Jr., MD 1988 Pamela J. Stuart, MD
1989 Bill B. Curtis, MD 1990 Gino Alberto, MD 1991 Jeffrey E. Roller, MD
1992 Theodore R. Delbridge, MD 1993 David D. Cassidy, MD 1994 Michael P. Sullivan, MD
1995 Donald G. Phillips, DO 1996 William D. Ross, DO 1997 L. Scott Van Wagoner, DO
1998 Javier Escobar, MD  1999 Matthew R. Harmody, MD  2000 Mario F.B. Carangan, MD 
2001 Debra Houry, MD, MPH 2002 Matthew Miles, MD 2003 Rahul Sharma, MD, MBA
2004 James S. Eadie, MD 2005 Daniel Egan, MD 2006 Carolyn Rosenczweig, MD
2007 John Dery, MD 2008 Andrew Miller, MD 2009 Christian Coletti, MD
2010 Omar Hammad, MD 2011 Arjun K Venkatesh, MD, MBA 2012 Allison Harriott, MD
2013 J. Daniel Hess, MD 2014 Peter "Rocky" Samuel, MD, MBA    



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