Community Engagement Outreach Grant

 Purpose of Award: To promote the involvement of EM physicians-in-training in activities which support Emergency Medicine through community outreach and other community-driving events

 Application Process: Submit Cover Letter, Grant Proposal Form (using the EMRA Community Engagement Outreach Grant Proposal Template), and CV(s) of primary author(s) to EMRA.  Preferred Method of submission is by email to  You may also submit materials by fax.  Application & Cover letter may be submitted using the General Award Application form (see "apply now" button below). 
Important:  Please note that the Grant Proposal Template requests the approval of a tax-exempt entity (university or other institution) who agrees to be the administrator of the grant funds.  EMRA does not allow for any indirect costs or other fees to be applied to the grant before distribution to the grantee.  If necessary, please request a waiver of these fees from your institution.This grant does not fund regional meetings  

 Eligibility: Grants will be available to any medical student, resident, or fellow MRA members

 Selection Criteria: The proposed project must be consistent with EMRA's Purposes and Objectives. Grants will be awarded in support of projects relating to: improving community health through education, direct services or preventive programs (e.g., developing a local bicycle helmet education program); supporting the specialty of emergency medicine through community awareness, advocacy of local and state medical societies, or involvement with local and state government e.g., development of a state "Emergency Medicine Day;" improving opportunities for resident education and interaction on the residency, state, or regional level e.g., travel honorariums for speakers, development of a regional EM resident conference.

 Award: Two awards of $1000/ea per awards cycle

 Application Deadline: January 15 (Spring) and July 15 (Fall)

 Award Date: Spring and Fall Meetings

 Requirement: EMRA must receive appropriate acknowledgment for its support of the project. Community Engagement Outreach Grant recipients are encouraged to prepare a summary article of their results for EM Resident and to present a report at the membership meeting following the receipt of their grant.

 Date of Inception: 1998


Samples of past Local Action Grants:


UCLA EMIG - CPR Community Workshop

Mayo EMIG - Trauma and Accident Prevention

Alameda/Highland - Social, Legal, and Medical Resource Point

Rhode Island Hospital - Trauma Handbook for Nicaraguan EM Residents


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