Residency Coordinator of the Year Award

Purpose of Award: This award is given to the residency coordinator who regularly goes above and beyond the call of duty for the good of the program and its residents; supports resident endeavors in extracurricular activities like community service, research, etc.; and actively supports resident involvement in their specialty organizations.

Application Process: Single letter of nomination/support and application form

Eligibility: Residency coordinator

Selection Criteria: Recognition by ones own institution for their contribution to the residency program.

Award: Plaque

Application Deadline: January 15

Award Date: Spring Meeting

Date of Inception: 2001

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Past Recipients  

2002 Gina Butt 2003 Rose Alden and
Phyllis Parrington
2004 Molly Fling
2005 Christine Rupkey 2006 Lisa La Fontaine 2007 Anne Hoffmann
2008 Donna Goldberg 2009 Melinda Carter 2010 Sherrill Mullenix 
2011 Peggy Herring     2012 Stephanie Morville 2013 Chris Adelsberg
2014 Katy Oksuita 2015 Kelly Norton 2016 Bonnie Cheung
2017 Lori Berryman



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