Robert J. Doherty, MD, FACEP, EMF-ACEP Teaching Fellowship Scholarship

Purpose of Award: The scholarship provides tuition for the program, an intensive course in faculty development.

Application Process: Letter of interest, curriculum vitae, and application form

Eligibility: Typically, a physician who has completed residency within the last 5 years or is graduating in the current year.  Residents are also eligible to participate in the Fellowship if their schedule will allow.

Selection Criteria: Demonstration of teaching experience and commitment to education.

Award: Single scholarship covering cost of tuition (approx. $1615)
NOTE: EMRA pays for the cost of tuition. All other costs associated with attending the course (flight, hotel, meals, etc.) are not covered by this scholarship

Sponsor: EMRA

Application Deadline: January 15

Award Date: Spring

Requirement: Attending the ACEP Teaching Fellowship which occurs over two different two-week sessions:  one in the fall, and one the following summer.

Date of Inception: 1998

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Past Recipients:

1998 Federico Vaca, MD
Lisandro Irizarry, MD 
1999 Nancy Ewan Wang, MD
William Fraser, DO, FACOEP
2000 Kevin Klauer, DO, FACEP
Cherri Hobgood, MD
2001 Kristin E. Harkin, MD
Annie T. Sadosty, MD
2002 Jonathan Fisher, MD, MPH
Peter D. Panagos, MD
2003 Esther Chen, MD
Theodore James Corbin, Jr., MD
2004 Abhi Mehrotra, MD  2005 Manon Kwon, MD  2006 David Gordon, MD 
2007 Christine Kulstad, MD  2008 Nilesh Patel, DO  2009 Britney Anderson, MD 
2010 Glen E. Michael, MD 2011 Lieutenant Commander Joel M. Schofer, MD, RDMS 2012 Suzanne Bentley, MD
2013 Joshua Moskovitz, MD, MPH 2014 Katja Goldflam, MD 2015 Kaedrea Jackson-Brown, MD, MPH, FACEP
2016 Abra Fant, MD 2017 Jenelle Holst Badulak    
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