Running for Office

The Board of Directors functions as the policymaking body of the Emergency Medicine Residents’ Association. The board consists of highly motivated individuals who are elected to office by the Representative Council. Members of the Board provide direction for the operational continuity of the organization. The decision to run for office should not be taken lightly, as it is a substantial commitment.  

With the exception of the presidency, all offices require a two-year commitment. The office of president is a three-year term. Although many finish their term after completing residency, you must be a resident at the time of your election. As a board member, you will be expected to participate in four annual meetings (ACEP Scientific Assembly, EMRA Board Retreat, ACEP Leadership and Advocacy Conference, and the SAEM Annual Meeting), participate in monthly conference calls, as well as position-specific responsibilities. You should speak with your family to determine if this commitment is feasible. In addition, your program director must submit a letter in support of your candidacy. 

After deciding that you want to run for office you will need to investigate potential Board positions. It is imperative that you contact the current officer.  Communicating with the existing officer will allow you to fully understand the responsibilities of the office and determine if it is a good fit for you.

Once you determine which office suits you, you will need to provide the following supporting documentation:  a letter of intent (200 words or less), a curriculum vitae, a photo (preferably a professional headshot in JPG format), and a letter of support from your program director. Your letter of intent will be posted on the website for the membership-at-large to view prior to the EMRA Representive Council meeting at ACEP's Scientific Assembly where the elections are held. All supporting documentation should be sent to Cathey B. Wise, EMRA Executive Director at by the posted deadline on the EMRA website.

Campaigning prior to the Representative Council meeting is strictly prohibited. You are encouraged to participate in all EMRA events and interact with your fellow residents. During the Representative Council meeting you will be allowed to supplement your campaign. This may include supplying handouts, meeting and greeting voters. You will also deliver a speech. The speech will be your three-minute platform to reinforce why you should be elected to represent the membership. After your three-minute speech, you will be presented with a position-specific question and will have two minutes to respond. During your speech and question period no other competing candidates will be present in the meeting room.

Currently the Board of Directors has two appointed positions, the Medical Student Council Chair (MSC) chair and the RRC-EM Liaison.

Office Descriptions
Each board member has their individual duties, patricipates in conference calls, assists with formulating policies of the Association, and keeps up with current issues in emergency medicine. Furthermore, Board members will assist with EMRA events as they occur most notably at ACEP Scientific Assembly and the SAEM Annual Meeting.

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