EMRA Simulation Research Grant

Purpose of Award: To provide research funding to Emergency Medicine (EM) physician-in-training interested in completing simulation-based projects during residency/medical school. This Grant promotes the involvement of emergency medicine trainees in research which supports the specialty of emergency medicine and its training.  Simulation Research is broadly defined as scientific investigation designed to furnish new knowledge relating to emergency medical care and medical simulation. Such investigations may focus on basic science research, clinical research, preventive medicine, epidemiology, health care policy, or emergency medicine teaching and education.
Disbursement of Award: Award recipients will be given $500
Application Process:  Submit a Cover Letter, Complete and submit the project proposal form, describing the project, its goals, budget, timeline, and its potential effects in detail. In addition, please include your curriculum vitae (for group of primary authors and a letter of support from a faculty member within your residency program or medical school
Eligibility: Grants will be available to any EMRA member (medical students, residents or fellows) or any emergency medicine interest group whose principal applicant is an EMRA member. 
Selection Criteria: The proposed project must be consistent with EMRA's Purposes and Objectives. Research projects that are innovative and have strong potential for a positive impact on the simulation field are encouraged. The potential impact on the applicant’s career is also considered. Grant Applications will be reviewed by the EMRA Research Committee and the EMRA Simulation Division. The award will be selected based on the perceived importance and possible impact of the research, as described on the Research Project Proposal Form
*Note: If a suitable project proposal is not submitted during a given calendar year, this award will go unfilled for that year
Award: One award of $500 (maximum) will be awarded for each award cycle. Funds are not to be used for capital equipment purchases, faculty salary support, publication costs, travel, or institutional overhead.
Application Deadline: July 15 
Award Date: Fall Meeting 


EMRA must receive appropriate acknowledgment for its support of the project. 

EMRA Simulation Research Grant recipients are required to: 

a)Submit a semi-annual progress report to awards@emra.org and simulation@emra.org (6 months into award period) 

b)Submit a summary article of their results for EM Resident 

c) Present a report at the membership meeting following the receipt of their grant 

Date of Inception: 2017

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