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Become an EMRA Leader

EMRA Board of Directors

Run for office and be part of the EMRA Board of Directors. The EMRA Board of Directors is the governing body of the organization which is made up of 11 individuals who are elected by their peers while completing their residency or appointed to serve.

Visit the Board of Directors page to learn about the various opportunities available.

EMRA Representative Council

Serve on the Representative Council. Be an EMRA Representative for your program. The EMRA Representative Council is the body within EMRA in which representatives for all EMRA members come together to discuss issues relating to all aspects of EM residency training and adopt policies affecting their professional development.

Present suggestions at a Representative Council Town Hall Meeting! Write a resolution for consideration by the Representative Council!

Visit the Representative Council page to learn more about joining the Representative Council.

EMRA Committees & Divisions

Join an EMRA Committee or Division. EMRA committees and divisions exist to increase resident involvement in EMRA's decision-making process and to help the board accomplish the work of the Association.

Visit the Committees and Divisions page to learn more about the various groups and their objectives.

EMRA Medical Student Council

Are you a medical student? Apply to be a part of the Medical Student Council. This is a phenomenal opportunity to become more involved in the field of emergency medicine, network with students and faculty from coast to coast, and develop resources to assist fellow students navigate medical school and the residency application process.

Visit the Medical Student Council page to learn about their goals and objectives as well as how to apply.

Get published with EMRA!

Submit an article for EM Resident magazine or contact presidentelect@emra.org to make a submission to "What's Up in EM?" newsletter.

Have an idea? Propose a Project!

Have an idea for the next great EMRA clinical resource like the Antibiotic Guide or PressorDex? A vision for the next amazing EMRA event like Quiz Show or 20 in 6 Resident Lecture Competition? A way we could do things better, be more efficient, or make your membership more meaningful to you? ŒGreat! ŒWe want to hear it!

Visit our New Idea Process page to submit your idea.

Become an ACEP Leader

ACEP Chapter Opportunities

Find a listing of potential opportunities available to residents and students at the ACEP Chapter level.

ACEP Committees

Each May, ACEP's President-Elect reviews applications for EMRA members to serve on ACEP's Committees. While multiple students and residents may be selected to serve, there will only be one official EMRA Representative per committee.

ACEP Sections

All EMRA members receive complimentary membership in ACEP's Young Physicians Section, as well as one other ACEP section. Additional section memberships can be purchased for $20 per year.

Join the ACEP 911 Legislative Network

The premier grassroots network for emergency medicine physicians.

Basic Resources for Being a Leader

Below you will find links to articles that may be helpful as you pursue leadership roles.

Running An Effective Meeting

Meeting Basics: 6 Tips for More Effective Meetings

Ted Talk: How to save the world (or at least yourself) from bad meetings

Developing a Meeting Agenda

Preparing An Effective Agenda

Steps for Writing a Meeting Agenda

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