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Get FREE online access to AHC Media's Emergency Medicine Reports, Pediatric Emergency Medicine Reports and Trauma Reports. Information will be sent to you monthly for 3 years or until your graduation date (whichever comes first). Simply fill in the requested information and submit your request. You will receive a confirmation of your request within a matter of minutes.

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Please call AHC Media at 800-688-2421 or 404-262-5476. Or, if you prefer, send an email to Customer.Service@AHCMedia.com and AHC Media representatives will be glad to assist you.

IMPORTANT: EMRA students and residents are not eligible to receive CME credits from their free subscriptions. Only board certified personnel are eligible to receive CME credits.


AHC Media invites all EMRA graduates to take advantage of their newly developed Emergency Medicine Resident Alumni Subscriptions. These subscriptions offer substantial savings over your first 4 years to lessen the burden of transitioning from your complimentary subscription. Year 1 you will save 40%, Year 2 you will save 35%, Year 3 you will save 30%, and Year 4 you will save 25%!

What’s more? As an EMRA Alumni you are eligible for an additional 10% discount off your first year, that’s a total of 46% OFF!

Simply call 800-688-2421 or send an email to subscribe. Remember to mention that you are an EMRA Alumni to receive your additional 10% off savings. These subscriptions are not yet available online, please call or email to order.

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Emergency Medicine Reports

For more than 30 years, Emergency Medicine Reports has delivered concise, practical, reliable information on up-to-date emergency medicine topics. Emergency Medicine Reports gives you a quick-read, 12-page monograph, 24 times a year.

Key coverage areas include cardiovascular emergencies, infectious diseases, neurologic emergencies, musculoskeletal emergencies, toxicology, and much more!

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Pediatric Emergency Medicine Reports

Now in its 20th year of publication, Pediatric Emergency Medicine Reports provides clinicians with practical, relevant information on current topics in pediatric emergency medicine. Pediatric Emergency Medicine Reports is delivered in a concise monographs format, 12 times a year. Key coverage areas include concussions, bites: animals and human, asthma, home emergencies, infections, neurological emergencies, and much more!

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Trauma Reports

For more than 15 years, Trauma Reports has kept physicians up to date on the latest information and techniques regarding the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of trauma patients. Trauma Reports is a 12-page monograph published six times per year.

Key coverage areas include trauma resuscitation, traumatic injuries, trauma in pediatric patients, head trauma, abdominal trauma, and much more!

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