Administrative Fellowships

Administrative Fellowships

September 15, 2019

In this episode, Dr. Miguel Reyes and Dr. Alicia Kurtz discuss why people would choose to go into an administrative fellowship and what that entails.


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Miguel A. Reyes, MD

Hackensack University Medical Center
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Alicia Kurtz, MD

Emergency Physician and Assistant Medical Director at Mercy San Juan Medical Center

Fellowship:  Management and Administrative Fellowship, Vituity 
UCSF - Fresno
Medical School:  
Loyola University Chicago

EMResident Articles

Twitter: @aliciakurtz_md


We discuss with former EMRA president and 2019 EMRA 45 Under 45 recipient Dr. Alicia Kurtz about her decision and why people would choose to go into an administrative fellowship and what that entails.

Key Points:

  • If interested in admin try to get involved as a resident on committees
  • Look up fellowships on the EMRA website!
  • Some groups don't advertise their administrative tracks well, always ask!


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