EMRA Travel Scholarship to ACEP EDDA (Emergency Department Director's Academy)

Purpose of Award

To provide opportunities for resident leaders and future leaders to attend the ACEP Emergency Department Directors Academy. To help those residents develop leadership skills that will advance their careers, their local emergency departments, and the specialty of Emergency Medicine. Visit https://www.acep.org/edda/ for more information

Application Process

Submit statement of interest, curriculum vitae, and one letter of support from residency leadership


EMRA Resident/Fellow member

Selection Criteria

The proposed scholarship will value leadership experiences, service to process improvements in the emergency department, interest in administration, as well as academic and clinical excellence


5 awards per award cycle to include the registration fee.




The EDDA Phase I registration fee only covers the cost of tuition for the program. All other expenses (flight, hotel, meals, etc.) are assumed by the individual, with the $500 travel stipend from TeamHealth designed to alleviate some of the costs. Travel stipend awarded to in-person meetings only, due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Application Deadline

October 6, 2024


Must attend Phase I of ACEP's ED Directors Academy January 19-23, 2025 in Orlando, FL

Date of Inception



Diana Rodriguez, MD 
Nicolas Semenchuk, MD, MS
Faraz Khan, MD, MBA
Jeremy Sobocinski
Aaron Katrikh, MD
Mahlaqa Butt, DO, MPH


Hamza Ijaz, MD
Rahul Tilani, DO
Natassia Buckridge, MD
Danielle Haussner, MD
Kourosh Yazdani, MD
Samuel Sondheim, MD, MBA
Mark Brombacher, DO 


Scott Brensel, DO, MS
Sophia Gorgens, MD
Monica Logen, MD
Donna Okoli, MD
Royale Nichols, MD
Joseph Gannett, MD


Tehreem Rehman, MD
Kumar Gandhi, MD, MPH
Monisha Dilip, MD
Vineet Sharma, MD
David Weech, DO, MBA        Jared Ditkowsky, MD  

2019 Allen Chang, MD
Elena DiMiceli, MD
Farah Z. Dadabhoy, MD
Sam Slade, DO, MBA, FAWM
Ynhi Thomas, MD
Nicholas Cozzi, MD, MBA
Mitchell Kentor, MD
Aidin Masoudi, MD
Arnab Sarkar, MD
Natash Thomas, MD
2018 Timothy Boardman, MD
Dana Im, MD
Kian Preston-Suni, MD
Hisham Valiuddin, DO
Daniel Sternberg, MD
Maureen Canellas, MD
Kyle Ragins, MD
2017 Capt. Alex Koo, MD
Emily R. Gordon, MD
Erin Muckey, MD
Justin Fuehrer, DO
Keith Hemmert, MD
Krystin Thomas, MD
Olumide Akindutire, MD
Nicholas Risko, MD
Sarathi Kalra, MD
2016 Dennis Hsieh, MD, JD
Greg Wallingford, MD
Jason Woo, MD, MBA
Keith DellaGrotta, MD, MBA

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