EMRA / ACEP EMBRS Scholarship

Purpose of Award

Given to a resident, student, or fellow who has a demonstrated interest in a research career as an independent investigator. This scholarship promotes the involvement of trainees in research which supports the further development of the specialty of emergency medicine.

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Application Process

Single letter of support (time off granted by chair or program director), the nominee's curriculum vitae, and a letter of intent detailing the reason why they want to attend the EMBRS course, career interests and proposed research projects.


EMRA Student, Resident, or Fellow member

Selection Criteria

Applications will be reviewed and evaluated based on the potential impact of the recipient on EM research, the strength of the letter of support and prior commitment to research. Criteria will include desired interest and potential dedication to research investigation, the purpose of continuing research, and likeliness to continue meaningful research investigation in the future


EMRA will cover the registration fees to attend the intensive 9-day, 2 session course.

NOTE: EMRA pays for the cost of tuition. Other costs associated with the conference (flight, hotel, etc.) is not covered by this scholarship

Application Deadline

October 6, 2024


EMRA must receive appropriate acknowledgment for its support of the course and the potential investigation inspired by the sessions.

Must attend Session I of the EMBRS Conference in Irving, TX dates are TBD

Date of Inception



Past Recipients

2023 Christian Wade, MD
2022 Kristopher Hendershot, MD
2020 Nicole Prendergast, MD
Henry Schwimmer, MD
2018 Cameron Gettel, MD
2017 Michael O'Brien, MD
2016 Daniel McCabe, MD

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EMRA / ACEP EMBRS Scholarship