International EM Rotation Scholarship

Purpose of Award

Due to COVID19 travel restrictions, this award is currently not accepting applications.

This Scholarship assists an exemplary resident with the costs associated with an elective in International Medicine that engages the evolution of Emergency Medicine in environments where there is such a need. It is the applicant’s responsibility to demonstrate how his or her presence in-country will positively influence EM’s growth; the applicant should specifically define a goal in this regard.

Note: Funds will not be awarded to a resident completing a rotation that has been previously established by his or her own residency, unless the resident seeks to undertake something new.

Application Process

  1. Letter of Intent, explaining purpose, details and goals of proposed International Emergency Medicine Rotation or project, as well as the applicant’s unique qualifications for the award
  2. Curiculum Vitae
  3. Single Letter of Recommendation from a faculty member at one’s Residency Program
  4. Single Letter of Support from the applicant’s Program Director stating the applicant will be available to rotate abroad for at least three weeks during the coming academic year.
  5. Single Letter from a medical representative of a clinic or hospital located abroad stating the organization’s intent to accept the resident as a rotator, educator, or project organizer, as the case may be.
  6. Application Form


EMRA Resident member

Selection Criteria

Excellence in Emergency Medicine and commitment to International Emergency Medicine advocacy, education, and clinical training


$1,000 travel stipend

Application Deadline

July 15

Award Date

Fall Meeting


Completion of a rotation in International Medicine during the coming academic year and composition of an article to be published in EM Resident Magazine detailing; but not limited to, such things as the objectives and results of one’s time abroad, the state of EM in the country in which one rotates, and/or interesting clinical cases.

Date of Inception


Past Recipients

2021 James Ford, MD
2020 Alex Wang, MD
2019 Antony Gatebe Kironji, MD
2018 Kathryn Lupez, MD
2017 Erik J Blutinger, MD

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