Presidential Leadership Award


The EMRA Presidential Leadership Award is annually awarded by the EMRA President to select leaders for outstanding service to EMRA and on behalf of EM physicians-in-training.


EMRA member

Selection Criteria

Each year, the EMRA President selects recipients based on service to EMRA.

Date of Inception


The 2020 awardees are:

  • Erik Blutinger, MD, MSc for his role on two boards, his fierce advocacy, and for increasing opportunities for residents to have a seat at the table with ACEP task forces and committees.

  • Angela Cai, MD, MBA for her policy work in the era of COVID, and for facilitating the first virtual EMRA conference with short notice.

  • Josh Davis, MD for expanding Case-Con to residents, for making research more accessible to members through innovative programming, and for helping members get published.

  • Omar Maniya, MD, MBA for leading the creation of our new strategic plan and for expanding leadership opportunities.

  • Ashley Penington for responding to the COVID pandemic with more EMRA Hangouts than ever before which generated record attendance.

  • Karina Sanchez, MD for innovating RepCo, Virtual RefCom, Virtual Public Hearing, Basecamp, and for her steadfast review of minutes and our governing documents.

  • Jazmyn Shaw for being a fierce advocate for medical students during the changing landscape during COVID to support them matching in emergency medicine through consensus statements, and for her personal guidance.

  • Greg Tanquary, DO, MBA for keeping members first.

The 2019 awardees are:

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