Vice Speaker

Nehal Naik, MD

I’m Nehal Naik and I’m running for the position of Vice Speaker. I am excited for the opportunity to serve alongside the speaker in chairing the Representative Council and advocating for the views of EM residents throughout our profession.

Professional membership organizations are my jam. In EMRA, I’m currently the Vice-Chair of the International Committee, and Chair of the Gun Safety Taskforce. In SAEM, I was a founding member of the Resident and Medical Student board. This unique experience in building a trainee-led division of SAEM taught me how to tackle logistical challenges and improve a membership organization in real-time. As the chair of the student subcommittee of the Panamerican Trauma Society, I created a representative council including students from most North, Central, and South American nations. This council advocated for students to every country’s surgical society, and also developed a peer-mentoring research network that led to transnational research collaborations.

I’m excited to bring my experience and long-held nerd status on Robert’s Rules of Order to the Vice-Speaker position. RepCo has made some great advancements with virtual voting, but I hope to elevate RepCo as the lead advocates for EM residents on a local, state, and national level.

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Hunter Pattison, MD

My name is Hunter Pattison and I am seeking your support of my candidacy for the role of Vice Speaker on the Emergency Medicine Residents’ Association Board of Directors. I believe the combination of my past experiences and clear objectives for the position make me well-qualified to serve you effectively over the next two years.

While in medical school, I had the opportunity to serve in a variety of leadership roles within organized medicine, and learn firsthand the importance that advocacy and health policy play within the greater healthcare world. As Chair of the Florida College of Emergency Physicians Medical Student Committee, I gained a better understanding on many of the legislative efforts within the field of emergency medicine, and had the opportunity to connect EM-interested students from around the state of Florida. I was able to take this experience and bring my involvement to a national level as Speaker of the American Medical Association Medical Student Section, and oversee the policy discussion and formative national conference planning for medical student delegates from across the nation. Through these experiences, I was also able to serve as an advocate for my peers and resident physicians as the resident representative to the California ACEP Board of Directors, and broaden my understanding of many of the issues that emergency medicine residents face on a day-to-day basis.

My primary goal as EMRA Vice Speaker would be to actively engage and invite all residents to find a place that they fit in, working to involve, invigorate, and connect EMRA representatives with each other and the rest of physicians under the umbrella of ACEP. In addition, I also plan to utilize my skills and previous experiences to help further the cause of the organization and advocate on behalf of my resident peers.

It would be a great privilege to serve you during the upcoming year as your EMRA Vice Speaker. I appreciate your kind consideration and look forward to speaking with many of you in October.

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I know you’re an active EMRA member because you’re reading this.

Now let’s work on members who don’t know what EMRA has to offer, or how they can get involved.

Virtual meeting attendance has exponentially increased the ease of participation. As a medical student, I attended EMRA events and was enthusiastic to do more; but back home, my participated fizzled without access to mentors or colleagues familiar with EMRA. Thanks to implementation of Basecamp and RepCo virtual attendance, I now serve as an active member both in person and from across the country. I vigorously debated proposals during the Public Hearings, stepped up my participation in Basecamp committees, and eagerly joined in on Leadership Academy calls and discussions.

I’m heartened that EMRA’s strategic plan lists member engagement as its number one priority. As someone who didn’t have help navigating EMRA’s myriad opportunities, I want to reach out to members who may not know about all we have to offer. I hope, as Vice Speaker, to actively engage our current members and help them find their perfect fit – so that they too can get involved, to become leaders, and to help shape the future of our chosen profession.

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Vice-Speaker of the Council (elected every year)

The Vice-Speaker of the Council must make a two-year commitment to EMRA. Your first year is spent as Vice-Speaker and your second year as Speaker. You will function as a voting member of the board and one of the Association officers. Your travel requirement will consist of the general board travel (ACEP Scientific Assembly (October), CORD Academic Assembly (April), ACEP Leadership and Advocacy Meeting (May),  and the EMRA Board of Directors Retreat (January), as well as other optional events. In addition to general board duties, your responsibilities during this term will also include:

  • Prepare to become Speaker of the Council
  • Oversee the Representative Council and its committees in conjunction with the Speaker
  • Assist the Speaker in the performance of her/his duties. You will also assist the Speaker as Parliamentarian for the Representative Council
  • Guiding the following sub-committees of the Representative Council: Conference Committees, Credentials and Tellers Committee, Reference Committee, Sergeant-at-Arms, Parliamentarian, and Policy Review Committee
  • Direct Representative Council task forces as convened by the Representative Council
  • Alternating with the Speaker, write articles EM Resident
  • Serve as the board liaison to EMRA Committee and Divisions as assigned

If you are interested in running for this position,

contact the current Vice Speaker.

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