Vice - Speaker

Tracy Marko, MD, PhD, MS

Health Partners Institute, Regions Hospital

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Emergency medicine physicians witness the direct consequences, both positive and negative, of health policy on public health. Therefore, our voices and experiences are critical in the health policy space and are magnified with the backing of 16,000 emergency medicine physicians. As Vice Speaker, I will continue promoting productive town hall discussions through in-person meetings as well as virtual dialogue. Further, I will encourage the creation of EMRA and ACEP resolutions, which strengthen our advocacy efforts, and aim to leverage the vast diversity and interests of our members to enhance applicable resolutions.

Numerous experiences have prepared me for the Vice Speaker position. I have served on multiple emergency medicine committees, including ACEP’s State Legislative and Regulatory Committee currently, co-led a year-long campaign addressing the opioid epidemic that culminated in a day at the Minnesota state capitol, held a federal affairs internship in Washington D.C., and am currently an EMRA Health Policy Academy Fellow.

I am passionate about health policy because the benefits and consequences of legislation have the potential to significantly impact society. I am excited to partner with EMRA members and to serve as both a health policy liaison
and a voice of residents, medical students, and fellows across the country.

Patricia Yang, MD, JD

Washington University School of Medicine


Hi my name is Patty and I'd like to represent you as Speaker for the council.

I firmly believe that EMRA is built on the talent, passion, and engagement of its members. The role of Speaker for the council is to make your voice and your ideas heard, and to learn and grow together as the future of emergency medicine. I know that time is precious as a resident, so my goal is to facilitate a meaningful and focused discussion that is accessible to all of our members.

As elections loom near, it is more important than ever for EMRA to take a stand on national issues related to the practice of emergency medicine.

I ask for your support and continued engagement in these issues as we push forward to a brighter future for our practice and our patients.

Patricia Yang CV

Vice-Speaker of the Council (elected every year)

The Vice-Speaker of the Council must make a two-year commitment to EMRA. Your first year is spent as Vice-Speaker and your second year as Speaker. You will function as a voting member of the board and one of the Association officers. Your travel requirement will consist of the general board travel (ACEP Scientific Assembly (October), CORD Academic Assembly (April), ACEP Leadership and Advocacy Meeting (May),  and the EMRA Board of Directors Retreat (January), as well as other optional events. In addition to general board duties, your responsibilities during this term will also include:

  • Prepare to become Speaker of the Council
  • Oversee the Representative Council and its committees in conjunction with the Speaker
  • Assist the Speaker in the performance of her/his duties. You will also assist the Speaker as Parliamentarian for the Representative Council
  • Guiding the following sub-committees of the Representative Council: Conference Committees, Credentials and Tellers Committee, Reference Committee, Sergeant-at-Arms, Parliamentarian, and Policy Review Committee
  • Direct Representative Council task forces as convened by the Representative Council
  • Alternating with the Speaker, write articles EM Resident
  • Serve as the board liaison to EMRA Committee and Divisions as assigned

If you are interested in running for this position,

contact the current Vice Speaker.