Newly Elected Board Members Fall 2020

EMRA is pleased to welcome the newest members and representatives to the EMRA Board of Directors. 


Angela G. Cai, MD, MBA

King's County Hospital | SUNY Downstate - Brooklyn, NY


My name is Angela Cai, and I am excited to earn your vote for President-Elect. I am a fourth-year resident at SUNY Downstate/Kings County in Brooklyn.

I firmly believe that physicians must shape the system in which they practice. Being your Director of Health Policy for the last 2 years has shown me how powerful we are speaking and working with one voice, as 16,000+ members of EMRA. I am running for President because EMRA is the most impactful platform to shape our collective futures as trainees.

My tenure on the EMRA board has prepared me to be your President and spokesperson. While representing EMRA to senior policy leaders, I learned the issues and how to advocate our positions with poise and tact. EMRA has a broad mission - encompassing education, leadership, and policy - sometimes necessitating difficult trade-offs. I bring insight on how to strategically prioritize our agenda according to what is important to members and where EMRA can make the most impact.

Uncertainty over the next 3 years is guaranteed, but EM leads and adapts. I am prepared and committed to amplify your voice as EM trainees in stewardship of our future practice. Thank you for your vote.

Vice Speaker

Ashley Tarchione, MD

Maricopa Medical Center - Phoenix, AZ

My past two years with EMRA have been completely transformative to my education and career. In that time, I learned that the residents and students that comprise EMRA are some of the most driven, hardworking, organized, and fun-loving people I have ever met. This energy and spirit of collaboration draws people to participate and put in hard work to make our specialty better for each other, our coworkers, and our patients. That is why it is vital that the speaker of EMRA represent these values.

In this position, I will strive to run the representative council in a manner reflective of its membership: with diligence, organization, and fun. My experience of writing, reviewing, and advocating for resolutions within the AMA, EMRA, and ACEP allows me the familiarity to comfortably navigate the policy making process and pull from experience in order to make the EMRA policy process easy for new members to navigate and engaging for all members. I hope to further increase the number of residency programs represented each year at the Representative Council, the number of impactful resolutions submitted each meeting, and our collective voice on the ACEP Steering Committee.

Director of Health Policy

Maggie Moran, MD

San Antonio Military Medical Center - San Antonio, TX

The clinical practice of emergency medicine takes place in a complex landscape which includes patient care, policy, and politics. As prospective Director of Health Policy for the EMRA Board of Directors, it is my aim to understand this landscape, facilitate meaningful and productive discussion on policy, and most importantly, advise on policy which furthers the objectives of our membership. Over the course of the last year, we have witnessed first hand the importance of focused, productive conversation and advocacy. We have had the opportunity to create and shape policy which has protected and served both residents and patients nationwide. Our time in training has looked much different than we anticipated, but our adaptability and advocacy on behalf of our colleagues has changed the landscape of training for the better for the coming generations of trainees.

As an EMRA Health Policy Fellow, I have had the opportunity to participate in many town hall discussions, author several resolutions which advocate for the protection of emergency medicine residents, and chair the CORD Reference Committee. I look forward to continued involvement in EMRA and hope to have the opportunity to do so as a member of EMRA’s Board of Directors.

Director of Leadership Develpment

Yevgeniy Maksimenko, MD

Boston University Medical Center - Boston, MA

Dear EMRA Family,

During these recent and challenging times, EMRA remains strong as ever thanks to the passion of its leadership and members. And over the last three years, I have had the pleasure of serving as an EMRA leader as part of the Wilderness Committee. EMRA has allowed my wildest ideas to become productive, educational, and fun activities available to all members. These opportunities have provided me a front-row seat to see how dedicated EMRA is to its members. From the EM bound medical student to the fledgling MS1, EMRA equips our members to serve as leaders of EM for decades after residency.

Drawing on my experience of EMRA committees, as well as my background as a military officer, I want to continue to inspire and empower our members. Working together, we as an organization, can continue developing your innate leadership potential, allowing you to dream big and helping you bring your brilliant ideas to life.

It is for these reasons I am running to serve as Director of Leadership Development. EMRA is a family like no other and I hope to continue to provide our members the opportunities so graciously provided to me.

Thank you for your consideration.

Resident Representative to ACEP

Nicholas P. Cozzi, MD, MBA

Spectrum Health | MSU College of Medicine - Grand Rapids, MI

Nicholas Cozzi

As an MBA trained Chief Resident of the Spectrum Health/Michigan State University EM Residency, I possess a perspective cultivated from a number of experiences in a variety of settings. As a former Secret Service Intern, I learned the agency’s motto “Worthy of Trust and Confidence” was not a slogan but a way I wanted to live my life. It is incumbent upon our next President-Elect to continue building relationships to champion broad recognition of our distinct training, unify our speciality, and cultivate tomorrow’s emergency medicine leaders. As the Chair-Elect of the Administration and Operations Committee, I have worked to build such partnerships with EDPMA and SAEM. We executed the 2020 EMRA SAEM Cocktail Hour with EM Chairs. I also serve as EMRA's representative to ACEP’s EM Practice Committee. Through a broad coalition, we helped successfully advocate for current and future trainees by firmly upholding the principle that the safest care for patients requires contemporaneous supervision by emergency physicians.

If elected, I am committed to earning your trust and confidence as I advocate for your priorities and the training, rights, and future of the next generation of EMRA.

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