EMRA’s Representative to the AMA-RFS

Be the Voice of Emergency Medicine within the AMA's Residents and Fellow's Section

The role of the EMRA’s Representative to the AMA-RFS is multifaceted.

No longer accepting applications at this time.

Role and Responsibilities:

  1. Attend AMA’s Annual (June) and Interim (November) meetings as the EMRA/ACEP Rep to the AMA-RFS, coordinate the EM presence within the AMA-RFS, and act as a liaison to the EM Section Council for the House of Delegates
  2. Be an Ex-officio member of the EMRA Board of Directors which includes:
    1. Attending monthly board phone calls
    2. Keeping up with board communications on a regular basis (with an expected turnaround time of 48 hours
    3. Attending the EMRA BOD retreat (January), CORD Conference (March/April), ACEP Leadership and Advocacy Conference (May), and ACEP SA (October)
    4. All other duties as assigned
  3. Work with EMRA BOD to bring forward policy from EMRA to the AMA and from the BOD to EMRA’s Representative council, and manage the EMRA BOD’s review of RepCo resolutions
  4. Act as the Parliamentarian for EMRA’s Representative Council
  5. Represent EMRA as a Councilor during ACEP Councilor, and coordinate EMRA’s presence at Council
  6. Mentor the next generation of EM leaders within the AMA, and manage the EM delegation to the AMA-RFS
  7. Help the EMRA Vice Speaker and the EMRA Health Policy Director in running EMRA’s Policy Academy


Emergency Medicine Residents or Fellows. 2 years left in training (including fellowship) preferred, though candidates with 1 year of eligibility with a strong background will also be considered.

Previous EMRA experience is not required, however a working knowledge of the AMA will be necessary for this position.

Application Process:

Please complete the form from the link below:

  1. CV
  2. Letter of Recommendation including commitment to travel from your program director
  3. Any other letters of recommendation you would like to attach (NONE REQUIRED BEYOND PD LETTER)
  4. Personal Statement (less than 700 words) to address:
    1. Qualifications
    2. Interest
    3. Plans for the role
    4. Career plans

Application Deadline: August 1st, 2022

No longer accepting applications at this time.

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