Resolution S'19-05 : Restated Certificate of Formation

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Dec 12, 2021

The Pericapsular Nerve Group (PENG) Block for Hip Pain

Hip fractures are common injuries evaluated in the ED. The majority of patients who suffer a hip fracture are over 80 years old, and as the population ages, the incidence of hip fractures is expected to increase. Do you have a strategy for managing this pain?

Dec 12, 2021

ED Management of Emphysematous Pyelonephritis

Emphysematous pyelonephritis is a rare diagnosis in the ED but can be life-threatening. Symptoms can be non-specific, making diagnosis more difficult. Proper, expeditious imaging can make all the difference.

Dec 12, 2021

3D Printing PPE in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Supply chain disruption during the COVID-19 pandemic forced healthcare systems to look for alternative ways to meet dramatically increased demand for personal protective equipment. This paper outlines an interdisciplinary approach to evaluating and refining a 3D-printed face shield design for use in the Emergency Department of a level 1 Trauma center in eastern North Carolina.