Conference Committees

Listed are the roles of the various Representative Council Committees. These committees are a great way to get involved, to see how EMRA operates and to network. Be sure to ask for clarification if you are unsure about the position, and what is expected of you. Please remember that all members of Representative Council Committees are expected to act professionally, as you are representing EMRA and the Representative Council.

These committees help us run operations and only exist for the duration of the conference.

Contact the Vice Speaker if interested

We employ standard parliamentary procedure as outlined in Sturgis’ Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure to ensure a fair and efficient meeting.

Credentials and Tellers Committee

The Credentials and Tellers Committee serves to assist the Speaker in ensuring accurate credentialing of and voting by program representatives.

Reference Committee

The reference committee is a group of members selected by the Speaker to conduct open hearings on matters of business of the Association.

Seargeant At Arms

The sergeant-at-arms, under the direction of the Speaker, helps to maintain order and decorum at meetings of the Council. The sergeant-at-arms acts as a doorkeeper and is responsible for the comfort and convenience of the Council.


The parliamentarian is a member skilled in parliamentary procedure.

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