Hurricane Ida: Help in the Aftermath

Sept. 6, 2021

Hurricane Ida wreaked havoc not only in Louisiana, where it came ashore, but also all along its path across the United States, leaving storm damage of all kinds in its wake.

Did you know CORD Cares can help?

EMRA is donating $5,000 to CORD Cares in support of hurricane relief, to help out during your time of need.

To everyone dealing with the aftermath of this natural disaster: We are in awe of you! Sleeping in call rooms to keep your EDs open 24/7...wading through floodwaters to return to your families after shift...watching costs pile up during evacuations. It's a lot of added stress, especially at a time when the specialty is dealing with another COVID-19 surge.

But EM is a family, and EMRA has your back. Please reach out to CORD Cares if you need a hand. Know someone who may not see this message? Help us reach them by sending them a text/call/email to spread the word!

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