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Whether you are an undergrad considering a career in military medicine or ready to start applying for your audition rotations the path to success can be difficult to navigate. Below are a few resources and helpful hints to help all new officers and aspiring HPSP’ers fulfill their requirements and learn what it takes to be an officer in the United States Army.

Deadlines to keep in mind:

- Submission of all application documents into MODS TBD (October)
- Match Day TBD (December)

HPSP Program / USUHS

For those just starting out a good first step is to check out the official HPSP page on goarmy.com. The process of applying is variable and can take over a year! Get in to your local Army healthcare recruiter and start early. Consider applying to the F. Edward Hebert School of Medicine, often referred to as USUHS. USUHS is a military medical school located in Bethesda, Maryland with a unique curriculum designed to train healthcare providers dedicated to a career in service in the DoD.

For medical students that are already enrolled but are considering military medicine there are programs and scholarships for your situation.

Leadership Development Courses

Army HPSP recipients and Army USUHS students must undergo two leadership training courses: the Direct Commission Course (DCC) and Basic Officer Leadership Course (BOLC). These courses are designed to be completed in the summer prior to the first semester of medical school and in between 1st and 2nd year. This can be difficult due to the long application process and the variability of medical school curriculum requirements. Be sure to communicate with your military advisor and your school’s registrar office to ensure that, at a minimum, DCC is completed prior to graduation. Failure to do so could result in an additional year between graduation and residency. Ideally both will be completed by the end of the second year of medical school however, if BOLC must be completed after graduation, it may result in late arrival to residency. Program Directors in EM have acknowledged this discrepancy and have remarked that it will not factor into a MATCH decision. For more information please watch EMRA’s Military Hangouts video.

Army Reimbursement guide

As of January 2020 reimbursements are not completed through MODS due to access restrictions. Reimbursements are completed by sending a form called a Cost Data Worksheet (CDW) via email to the address below. For information regarding what can be reimbursed please refer to this document which can be found on MODS.

Remember to only submit one request at a time. If there is a pending request, do not submit another until the initial request has been completed. The time-table is variable and can take months. Plan accordingly.

Email requests to: USARMY NCR HQDA OTSG Mailbox Med Edu CDW

Uniform Regulations


Periodic Health Assessments / LHI Services

Periodic Health Assessments (PHA) are part of Army Regulation 40-501, para 8-19c.(4) which states that all members of the Ready Reserve (which is your designation as a HPSP medical student) not on active duty will be examined at least once every 12 months. Logistics Health Inc. (LHI) is a company that will navigate your requirements and help set up required health appointments.

Cac Card

All HPSP students are required to obtain a military ID card. This card will help you access MODS on government access computers, set up LHI and AKO accounts, and give you access to military bases. To obtain a Cac Card you must visit your local Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) office.

The DEERS office is also where you can register dependants and obtain family member ID cards. It is important to prioritize this step as it can take some time and the closest DEERS office may be far away.

Army HPSP Contacts

Army Medical Services Website

ALWAYS REMEMBER: Things change in the Army. Your student advisor is your best point of contact for processes like requesting ADT. Use these wonderful people as a resource when you have questions:

EMRA Government Services Committee

As always, EMRA is determined to make your life in EM as easy as possible no matter your specific niche or interest. Be sure to check out the additional resources available through the Government Services (GS) Committee website  and join the EMRA GS Basecamp to stay up to date on all things military EM.

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