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Army Useful Links

Subject or Description
Great resource for all Army regulations
Filled with useful resources about army life, benefits, and more
A forum for advice, networking, and the most up-to-date information by students, residents, and physicians going through each phase of military medicine. This is a must-have resource!
Medical Operational Data System - as of January 2020 website is limited to a DoD access point
Helpful information on the military match from Council of Emergency Medicine Residency Directors. Some information is dated - but the basics can be helpful.
A general website with information on benefits, careers, lifestyle, and more.
Articles about military medicine and what to expect
Portal to access health information, coverage, benefits, and DEERS
Helpful website to navigate requirements and computer set-set up with cac readers ect.
Understanding your pay and monitoring your paycheck/stipend
Accessing your records, retirement services, promotion eval awards and more.
Another resource to help navigate life from medical student to EM resident to EM physician in the Armed Services.
MUST READ prior to completing your first leadership course requirement. Helpful information to prepare for the Direct Commission Course.
MUST READ prior to completing your second leadership course requirement. Helpful information to prepare for the Basic Officer Leadership Course.
Outlines the Army’s Tropical Medicine course
Opportunity to train in extreme conditions
Official website of the military health system
An organization dedicated to improving the quality of emergency care with over 38,000 members.
Important portal to navigate your required yearly health screening
Website that provides new top of the line laptops for medical students in the HPSP program. They are compliant with the HPSP regulations, require a $500 yearly rental which is refunded through a CDW submission.

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Sep 25, 2019

EMRA Introduces the Government Services Committee for Military Medical Students and Residents

The ACEP Government Services Chapter was founded in 1977 to give military physicians a platform and community that understood and advocated for the unique needs of military emergency physicians. EMRA is now proud to introduce our newest committee, the Government Services Committee (EMRA GS), with that same mission in mind: to provide military medical students and residents with the network and community they need to thrive in the dynamic world of military EM.

Sep 30, 2019

Vase Bari

Sep 30, 2019

B. Bryan Graham