ACEP21 PEM Virtual Escape Room

The EMRA Pediatric EM Committee hosted a PEM Virtual Escape Room Game for ACEP21 Unconventional.  Teams had to go through the different challenges within a time limit.  Spelling is important.

They are making the game available to everyone.  Give it a try.

Game Instructions

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Dec 14, 2017

Pediatric EM Committee

Are you curious about PEM topics? Considering applying for a PEM fellowship? Or do you just like interacting with kids more than adults in the ED? If you find the idea of PEM interesting, come visit our division page for more information on fellowships, projects, conferences, educational resources and much more.

Oct 18, 2022

Recognizing Sick Kids

The critically ill child is a relatively rare presentation in the emergency department. This can lead to a lack of recognition, familiarity, or confidence in caring for these patients. Recognizing sick children is key to successful resuscitation and management. To help bridge this knowledge and experience gap, Dr. Aaron Leetch will lead a case-based video discussion on the recognition of sick kids. By the end of this talk, learners should be able to use the Pediatric Assessment to identify sick kids and start on the correct path in their resuscitation.

Jun 29, 2022

Pathways to Pediatric Emergency Medicine: Combined EM-Pediatrics Residency Program Director Panel

Medical students pursuing a career in pediatric emergency medicine will find there are several possible routes to achieve this goal. In this webinar, the program directors from the Combined Emergency Medicine & Pediatrics residency programs present a roadmap outlining the different available pathways. Attendees will learn the strengths and limitations of each pathway to help determine which will be best for their individual careers. We are grateful to our panelists, Dr. Anna McFarlin from Louisiana State University, Dr. Jennifer Guyther from University of Maryland, Dr. Geoff Hays from Indiana University, and Dr. Aaron Leetch from University of Arizona.