EMRA Member Survey Policy

EMRA Member Survey Policies

The policies below are excerpts from EMRA's Policy Compendium.


Surveys may be submitted by any EMRA member in conjunction with an EMRA Committee Leader or Board Member, or by an EMRA Committee Leader on behalf of an EMRA Committee.

Survey requests shall include a background, methodology, survey questions, IRB approval status, target audience, and publication goals. Surveys intended for publication in peer-reviewed journals or abstract submission at national conferences should have approval from an Institutional Review Board prior to distribution.

Surveys shall first be submitted to the EMRA Research Committee for review. Feedback may be provided to survey authors by members of the EMRA Research Committee to help clarify or refine questions prior to distribution.

The EMRA Research Committee, Board Liaison, and Staff Liaison will approve the survey and decide the ideal method of distribution, frequency, and timing of release. Any survey may be referred to the EMRA Board of Directors for approval by the request of the EMRA Research Committee Board or Staff Liaison.

Findings from all surveys distributed to EMRA membership should be submitted to EM Resident magazine or on EMResident.org if possible, unless precluded by submission elsewhere.

Surveys should not solicit or advocate for commercial items and must also not engage in predatory tactics, with any potential conflicts to be arbitrated by the EMRA Research Committee.


The distribution of member emails will be limited to occasions by which the executive director feels that dissemination of such information is important for promoting the mission and goals of EMRA. Member emails will not be released to outside organizations.

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EMRA Member Survey Policy