EMRA Medical Student Forum at ACEP Scientific Assembly

Medical students have questions about matching in emergency medicine. The EMRA Medical Student Forum brings together program directors, interns who just matched in EM, and faculty to answer questions specific to your phase in training. General sessions answer big-picture topics, and breakout sessions per year to target exactly where you are in your training.



7AM - Continental Breakfast Served

Saturday, October 26

7a EMRA Medical Student Forum Registration Opens and Breakfast Served

8a - 12p EMRA Medical Student Forum (Free for Members; Registration Required)


Program Director Panel


EMRA Medical Student Forum Breakout Sessions
(Free for Members; Registration Required)
  MSI and MSII Break Out Session
  MSIII Osteopathic Student Break Out Session
  MSIII Allopathic  Student Break Out Session
  MSIV Break Out Session
  International Students
1:30p - 3:30p EMRA Residency Program Fair & EMRA Studio

Monday, October 27

8a - 5p EMRA Hangouts LIVE
12:30p - 5:30p EMRA Committee Meetings 

Tuesday, October 28

8a - 5p EMRA Hangouts LIVE
9a - 3p EMRA Resident SIMWars Competition
10p - 2a EMRA Party

Wednesday, October 29

1p - 3p EMRA 20 in 6 Resident Lecture Competition
5p - 7p EMRA Airway Stories