EMRA Case-Con 2018 Recap

Case-Con 2018 - Winners

A huge success! Thank you to the 20 medical students that came out to present this year at our inaugural case study presentation contest. Congratulations to our 2018 winners, who we hope to feature in an upcoming edition of EM Resident:

  • First Place: Parth S Gandhi (Broward Health Medical Center) presenting “Lost in The Forest” – A Rare Case of Forestier’s Disease (Diffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis)
  • Second Place: Alex Gregory (St. Louis University) presenting "Eggs Marks the Spot”: The Diagnostic Dilemma of In Vitro Fertilization-Associated Emergencies
  • Third Place: Brendan Innes (University of Massachusetts) "Alcoholic Ketoacidosis: Mind the Gap and Give Patients What They Need"

2018 Presenters

Check out the posters that were presented at ACEP18.

Parth Gandhi, MSIV - 1st Place
“Lost in The Forest” – A Rare Case of Forestier’s Disease (Diffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis)
Broward Health Medical Center

Alex Gregory, MSIV - 2nd Place
“Eggs Marks the Spot”: The Diagnostic Dilemma of In Vitro Fertilization-Associated Emergencies
St Louis University

Brendan Innes, MSIV - 3rd Place
Alcoholic Ketoacidosis: Mind the Gap and Give Patients What They Need

University of Massachusetts Medical School

Adam Goodcoff, MSIII
Tricky Trauma: Cutting Edge Aeromedical Interventions in the Rural Setting

West Virginia, SOM

Caitlin Leigh Oldenkamp, MSIV
Case in Pointes: Acquired Polymorphic Ventricular Tachycardia in a Patient with Alcohol Withdrawal

David Geffen School of Medicine UCLA

Calvin J Tran, MSIV
BRASH Syndrome: Profound Bradycardia in the Setting of Mild Hyperkalemia

SUNY Downstate College of Medicine

Catherine Divingian, MSIV
“Firefighter down!”: Sudden Cardiac Events and Risk Mitigation for Emergency First Responders

University of South Florida

Hannah Gordon, MSIV
Fooled by a Pigeon that Was Not Quite a Pain in the Neck: A Case of Cryptococcal Meningitis

FIU - Florida International University

Herbert Icasiano, MSIV
Flank Pain and Tachycardia in a 30 Year Old Female

Orange Regional Medical Center

Jazmyn Shaw, MSII
Rare Complication of Post-Partum Eclampsia

University of Mississippi Medical Center

Kellan P Etter, MSII
An Atypically Atypical Pneumonia: The Importance of Thorough Patient Investigations in the ER
Des Moines University

Leah Colucci, MSII
Masquerading Dyspnea - A Hidden Pulmonary Embolism

University of Miami - Miller School of Medicine

Nicholas George, MSIV
Delayed Presentation of Bowel Obstruction Caused by Blunt Trauma

University of Maryland School of Medicine

Peter S Dailey, MSIV
First-time Seizure in a Young Adult: It’s All in the History

University of New Mexico School of Medicine

Piotr Jurgielewicz, MSIV
Teenage Chest Pain - Lessons Learned

Penn State College of Medicine

Rana Prathap Padappayil, MSIV
Can fatigue be life-threatening?

All India Institute of Medical Science

Shacalles Bonner, MSIV
It Wasn’t the Flu: Identifying Victims of Sex Trafficking in the Emergency Room

Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Shane Naidoo, MSIV
Can't Miss Kounis When Managing Anaphylaxis

Ross University School of Medicine

Taylor Brittan, MSIV
Case Study: A Rare Case of Atypical Cholecystitis: etiology and presentation

Ochnser Clinical School University of Queensland

Victoria Kay, MSIV
An Unusual Presentation of Gallstone Ileus

Tufts University School of Medicine

2018 Judges

Jorge Fernandez, MD
UC San Diego - Emergency Medicine
Associate Residency Program Director - EM
Director of Medical Student Programs

Adam Johnson, MD
Kern Medical - PGY3

Kristen Whitworth, DO
Lakeland Health - PGY4

Melissa H White, MD, MPH
Emory University - Emergency Medicine
Program Directory, Residency Program - EM

Katherine L Biggs, DO
Naval Medical Center Portsmouth - PGY4

Sarah Johnson, MD
Vanderbilt University - PGY4

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Sep 15, 2023


Join EMRA's Research Committee in Philadelphia at ACEP's Scientific Assembly. CaseCon will be Monday, October 9 from 1p - 5:00p ET at The Downtown Marriott, Franklin 11/12/13.

Oct 15, 2018

EMRA Case-Con 2018 Recap

Case-Con was a great success! 20 medical students from a field of almost 40 were selected to compete and present their favorite cases. Congratulations to all.

Jun 05, 2018

EMRA Case-con

Case-con is poster presentation contest of interesting/notable emergency medicine cases. Presentations will include a 5-minute presentation followed by 2 minutes of group discussion. Presentations will be judged by a panel of EM residents and faculty. Three winners will be selected and awarded cash prizes!