Cocktails with Chairs

EMRA's Virtual Cocktails with Chairs

In collaboration with SAEM Rams.

Ever wonder what it takes to be an EM department chair?  What path can you start now to poise you to lead an efficient emergency department where physicians thrive? Join EMRA for an informal virtual discussion with EM Department Chairs to give insight into this career path. 

Watch Now

Grab a beverage, learn from Chairs on how to be a future Chair


Hannah Hughes, MD, MBA - EMRA President
Nehal Naik, MD - SAEM RAMS President



Andra Blomkalns, MD, MBA - Stanford University School of Medicine
Michael Brown, MD, MSc - Michigan State University College of Human Medicine
Bo Burns, DO - Oklahoma University School of Community Medicine
Gabe Kelen, MD - The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Angela Mills, MD - Columbia
Ian Martin, MD, MBA - Medical College of Wisconsin

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