EMRA’s spring meetings bring high-energy clinical competitions, opportunities to meet like-minded residents with our Committees, and Representative Council directs the path of the organization. Bring your membership to life by joining the EMRA fun!

As a reminder, you do not need to pay a registration fee to attend EMRA events at CORD.  If you plan to attend CORD educational or networking sessions, you need to register for the conference.

Early Bird registration closes January 31, 2019

EMRA at CORD Academic Assembly 2019

When:  March 30 - April 2, 2019

Where:  Seattle, Washington

EMRA Events at CORD 2019

Saturday, March 30  (Pre Conference)  
9a - 12p     EMRA Leadership Academy (invitation only)
: Class of 2019 Graduation
: Class of 2020 Welcome
12p - 2p Committee Orientation and Headshots (invitation only)  
3p - 7:15p

Committee Meetings


3p - 5p

Admin & Ops
Critical Care
Pediatrics EM
Pre-Hospital and Disaster Medicine
Sports Medicine


5:15p - 7:15p

Diversity & Inclusion
Health Policy
Wilderness Medicine



Sunday, March 31    
8a - 5p EMRA Hangouts Live  
8a - 12p EMRA Medical Student Council Meeting  
9a - 10:30a EMRA Public Hearing and Resolution Review  
12p - 2:30p EMRA Board Meeting  
2:45p - 4:45p All EM Resident Organizations and Students (AEROS) Meeting (invitation only)  
4:30p - 5:15p

EMRA Quiz Show Team Photos

5:30p - 7:30p

EMRA Quiz Show

8p Committee Updates to the EMRA Board and Dinner
(invitation only)


Monday, April 1    
8a - 5p EMRA Hangouts Live  
7a - 8a EMRA Rep Council Welcome Breakfast and Credentialing  
8a - 11a EMRA Rep Council Meeting & Town Hall  
12p - 1:30p Chaos in the ED  
10p - 2a

EMRA Party



Tuesday, April 2    
8a - 5p EMRA Hangouts Live  
10a - 11:30a EMRA Board of Directors Meeting  
12p EMRA Lunch with EMARC (invitation only)  


Tuesday, April 3    
12p CORD Closing Ceremony