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Alexander Chang, DO
University of Illinois at Peoria
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JiJoe Joseph, DO
Nassau University Medical Center
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Valerie Hunt
Board Liaison, Vice-Speaker
Nathan Vafaie, MD
Baylor College of Medicine

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EMRA Pediatric Emergency Medicine Division Objectives

• Improve membership awareness of pediatric emergency medicine fellowship opportunities and dual pediatrics-emergency medicine residency opportunities
• Provide resources for pediatric patient management in the emergency department
• Provide references to sentinel articles in pediatric emergency medicine
• Provide information and advice from fellowship directors for applicants into pediatric emergency medicine fellowship
• Encourage pediatric emergency medicine research

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Why Pediatric Emergency Medicine?

Do you love pediatrics? Are you a person who likes the fast pace and variety of the emergency department? Then Pediatric Emergency Medicine is for you! Combining the best of general pediatrics with the best of the critical care specialties and emergency medicine, Pediatric Emergency Medicine is a good fit for the calm, curious physicians who enjoy both the intellectual and procedural challenge of resuscitations as well as the joy of interacting with children during an exam. As one of the younger specialties within Pediatrics, and the first subspecialty within Emergency Medicine, there are areas of significant growth and the ongoing potential for significant, clinically relevant research that will significantly affect the care of children.

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Pediatric-EM Training Opportunities

Pediatric Residency to PEM Fellowship

The route to PEM through pediatrics is a three-year residency and a three-year fellowship. Once completed you are both pediatric board eligible and pediatric emergency medicine board eligible through the American Board of Pediatrics. The PEM physician is able to practice as a pediatrician in the inpatient and outpatient setting, and in the pediatric emergency department.

Emergency Medicine Residency to PEM Fellowship

The route to PEM through emergency medicine has a more variable timeline. Residency is 3-4 years depending on the program, followed by a 2-year fellowship (sometimes three depending on the program). Once completed you are both eligible for the emergency medicine boards and the pediatric emergency medicine boards through the American Board of Emergency Medicine. The PEM physician is able to practice in emergency departments, urgent care centers and dedicated pediatric emergency departments and urgent care centers.

Emergency Medicine/Pediatrics Combined Residency

This is a five-year track. On average, 2.5 years as an Emergency Medicine resident and 2.5 years as a Pediatric resident concurrently, alternating every 3-6
 months. When completed you are board eligible for emergency medicine through the American Board of Emergency Medicine and for pediatrics through the American Board of Pediatrics, although at this time this track is not board eligible for pediatric emergency medicine. The practice setting is broad as a pediatrician inpatient or outpatient, as an emergency physician in both the emergency department and urgent care center and pediatric emergency department or urgent care center.

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Applying for PEM Fellowship Toolkit

EMRA PEM Applicant Toolkit (DOC) 
Example Personal Statement (DOC)

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Medical Student Opportunities

Pediatric Emergency Medicine Clerkships

There's no time like the present to start your journey in Pediatric Emergency Medicine. Students can take advantage of a wide range of clerkships across the country, getting a head start on this dynamic subspecialty. Download this list of available clerkships - and check back periodically, because new opportunities will be added as they come to light.

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PEM Online Resources and Blogs

ACEP Pediatric Emergency Medicine Section
American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) - Section on Emergency Medicine
Pediatric Emergency Medicine Network
Emergency Bear Treats
Pediatric EM Morsels
PEM ED Podcast

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Division Meeting Minutes


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ACEP Pediatric EM Section


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EMRA Pediatric Pocket Cards

Ped.ECG Card. 2014 EMRA Pediatric ECG Card 
Ashley Strobel, MD

This new addition to EMRA's pediatric reference library provides ECG pictorials of causes of sudden cardiac death in children - a vital tool for catching dangerous patterns early enough to save a life. Because ECGs are obtained less frequently in children than they are in adults, this essential card is geared toward the interpretation of congenital cardiac anomalies and causes for sudden cardiac death, rather toward adult ischemia. Pediatric ECG interpretations based on age will be in the palm of your hand, along with ED-relevant Davignon intervals for age, anatomic clues for differentiating congenital heart physiology, and normal pediatric variants.

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EMRA Member Price $4.99 // ACEP Member Price $8.99 //List Price $9.99
EMRA-Neonatal-Card-2014-288px-GIF EMRA Neonatal Pocket Card 
Allison Peasley Gauthier, MD 

Baby delivery? Septic newborn? This new addition to EMRA's pediatric reference library gives you the tools you need to confidently handle these less-than-comfortable situations in the emergency department.  This practical two-sided pocket card includes initial vent settings, antibiotic and pressor dosages, neonatal airway pearls, a neonatal resuscitation algorithm, and more. 

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EMRA Member Price $7.00 // ACEP Member Price $10.00 // List Price $12.00

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Featured Fellowship Corner

The following programs have indicated that they are especially eager to hear from EM-trained physicians interested in pursuing Pediatric EM training. For a complete list of PEM Fellowships, please visit EMRA Match.

Indiana University / Riley Hospital for Children

Description: The newly ACME-accreditited pediatric emergency medicine fellowship program at Indiana University and Riley Hospital for Children is another great addition to the Departments of Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics. We offer a 2 or 3 year (research) fellowship for graduates of EM residencies, as well as a 3 year fellowship for graduates of pediatric residencies. We are housed in the Department of Emergency Medicine at IU School of Medicine, and it is one of the strongest academic EM departments in the country, consistently ranked in the very top of EM programs by residents and faculty. Here we are part of a strong categorical EM program, one of only 4 combined EM-Pediatric residencies in the country, as well as several other EM sub-specialty fellowship programs. As one of 3 fellows per year, you receive all of the benefits of this dynamic department. We are also closely aligned and share resources with the Department of Pediatrics, their large Pediatric residency, and their combined residencies (EM-Peds, Internal Medicine-Peds, and Triple Board Peds-Psych-Child Psych programs). We are now the only program in the country offering training with both a combined EM-Peds Residency as well as a PEM fellowship, allowing for many opportunities for collaboration and improvement. We are the only Level 1 Pediatric Trauma Center in the State of Indiana and the major referral pediatric center for the State. We have an very active pre-hospital care program housed in EM, an Advocacy Track within the EM Department, and a significant commitment to quality improvement, offering many opportunities for research and involvement to help develop your career as an academic PEM physician. You will complete the PEM program at IU with a strong background clinically, in research, in QI, in education, and in administration, preparing you for a long and enjoyable academic career. We look forward to talking with you about our program!

Contact (Associate Program Director): Heather Saavedra, MD

Contact (Program Director): Stephen John Cico, MD, MEd at or @PedsEM


Baylor College of Medicine

Description: As one of the oldest and largest PEM fellowships in the country, our graduates practice and lead PEM throughout the US and abroad. Clinical training is with our 35+ PEM faculty at Texas Children’s Hospital, a Level 1 Trauma Center with over 80,000 patient visits per year. Our training continues to be state of the art, with faculty with clinical expertise in ultrasound, procedural skills, cardiology, and simulation training. Our EM-trained fellows benefit from rotations in our NICU, cardiovascular services, PICU, anesthesia, child protection, and other pediatric subspecialties. EM-trained fellows often elect to do additional clinical work at neighboring adult hospitals, to maintain proficiency in adult EM. All fellows participate in a structured scholarly activity curriculum including allocated research time, with the expectation of a completed scholarly project at the end of fellowship. Faculty areas of interest include EMS, sedation, evidence-based medicine, infectious diseases in the ED, trauma and injury prevention, quality improvement, education, and simulation-based training. EM-trained fellows can do a two year track, or elect to spend a third year to enhance their academic and clinical skills, including completing a master’s degree. EM fellows have also been a part of our global health track.

Contact (Coordinator): Patricia English at or 832-824-6309

Contact (Director): Dr. Cara Doughty at or 832-824-5557


SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Description: Thank you for your interest in our vibrant Pediatric Emergency Medicine fellowship program! Established in 2009, the program is led by an energetic and dynamic group of dedicated faculty determined to provide excellent clinical and academic training to our fellows. The PEM program is part of SUNY Downstate Medical Center, a large tertiary medical center. Located in the heart of Brooklyn. The Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine cares for over 50,000 visits per year, below the age of 19 years between Kings County Hospital Center and University Hospital of Brooklyn. Under the 2-year EM trained track, fellows rotate in the pediatric ED for 12 blocks (4 weeks/block) and have 3.5 blocks of research time. The focus for the emergency medicine trained fellow in the first year is to be exposed to the “pediatrics” side of emergency medicine. The second year allows the fellow to develop clinical independence as well as opportunities to develop their professional interests. Time is allotted for “research” with the expectation that the fellow is able to produce at least 1 scholarly product during fellowship.

Contact (Coordinator): Aquila Lewis at or 718-245-4442

Contact (Director): Dr. Jennifer Chao at


University of Alabama - Birmingham

Description: As one of the oldest PEM fellowship programs in the country (started 1986) we have a long track record of graduating fellows who are now coast to coast. Despite our “age” we maintain state of the art training. Our new Children’s Hospital of Alabama opened in August 2012, including 48 pediatric emergency department beds and 4 trauma bays. It is staffed by 20 PEM certified attendings, 10 PEM fellows and 10 nurse practioners to serve our annual ED volume of 67,000 patients. Fellows have experiences in our Level 1 Trauma Center and nationally recognized Simulation Center. Clinical training is enhanced with our educational curriculum in which we can boast a PEM Board pass rate above the national average. Research training is central to the curriculum and quality improvement opportunities are vast. Fellows have opportunities in ultrasound training, state wide work in EMS, and have potential for MPH degree while in fellowship. The AIM of our fellowship is: To develop independent pediatric emergency medicine physicians committed to excellence in family-centered clinical care, utilizing evidence-based practice and quality improvement strategies and to support ongoing research efforts in the field.

Contact (Coordinator): Mackenzie Stanford at or (205)-638-9587

Contact (Director): Dr. Ann Klasner at


Boston Children's Hospital

Description: The Pediatric Emergency Medicine (PEM) fellowship program currently has 45 PEM staff members and 18 fellows, all who are jointly appointed by Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School. Our program is also accredited by the ACGME. The duration of our program is two or three years for graduates of Emergency Medicine (EM) residencies. To provide more in depth exposure to pediatric medicine, the curriculum includes first year clinical rotations in neonatology and newborn resuscitation, pediatric subspecialties, general pediatrics, anesthesia, and critical care/transport medicine. During the second year, fellows participate in a medical toxicology program, and skills in research and administration are reinforced. We have a longitudinal two year Quality Improvement and Patient Safety curriculum integrated over two years of training. An optional third year of training can be utilized for specialized clinical training, or the pursuit of advanced coursework in Public Health/Clinical Research, Education, or other career paths. Although not required, Emergency Medicine graduates frequently choose to spend a prescribed amount of time at one of the Emergency Departments at neighboring academic institutions to allow maintenance of proficiency in the care of the adult population. For additional information about our program please contact Josh Nagler, MD, MHPEd (Fellowship Director) or Kevin Deschenes (Fellowship Administrator) at 617-355-6624.

Contact (Coordinator): Kevin Deschenes at or 617-355-6624

Contact (Director): Dr. Joshua Nagler at or 617-355-6624


University of Connecticut

Description: The CCMC/UConn Fellowship in Pediatric Emergency Medicine was started in 2000, specifically for EM residents. Although we have expanded to have a clinical track for Pediatrics-trained fellows, we remain dedicated to providing the best pediatric subspecialty training for emergency physicians. Connecticut Children’s Medical Center is the only free-standing hospital for children in the state. We provide the full spectrum of medical and surgical care for children with an annual ED census of 55,000. Fellows have graduated responsibility through training with solo experience running the department in the latter part of the second year. Our unique longitudinal Community Pediatric Emergency Medicine rotation, developed through a partnership with St Mary’s Hospital and supervised by on-site PEM-trained emergency physicians, provides the opportunity to learn PEM in a general hospital setting while maintaining general EM skills.

Contact (Coordinator): Marianne Gonzalez at or (860) 837-6260

Contact (Director): Dr. John Brancato at or (860) 837-5426


University of Texas Southewestern - Austin

Description: The University of Texas Southwestern (UTSW)-Austin Pediatric Emergency Medicine (PEM) Fellowship is looking for applicants to begin their fellowships in July 2016! We accept 4-5 fellows in each class, for a total of at least 12 fellows in the program. Currently, we have three Emergency Medicine trained fellows in our first two classes of fellows. EM trained fellows complete a two-year curriculum tailored to the individual needs of the fellow, and we encourage applicants from both EM and Pediatrics training to apply. The UTSW-Austin PEM fellowship is based at Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas. DCMC is the only free standing children's hospital in the Austin area and a Level 1 Pediatric Trauma Center. The emergency department at DCMC sees nearly 80,000 patients a year and provides the highest level of pediatric emergency medicine care in the 46-county area. DCMC is the primary pediatric emergency medicine training facility in the area for pediatric, family practice and emergency medicine residents and rotating medical students. Please visit our website for more information. We look forward to hearing from you!

Contact (Coordinator): Irene Teeler at or 512-324-0093

Contact (Director): Dr. Coburn Allen at


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Mentorship Program

Thinking about Pediatric Emergency Medicine? Do you want to learn more? Are you looking for a mentor to help you learn more? Please apply for our mentorship program and we will match you with an attending in pediatric emergency medicine.


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