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(Tony) Xiao Chi Zhang, MD
Brown University
Vice Chair
Nicholas Salerno, MD
Louisiana State University
Staff Liaison
Linda Baker
Board Liaison, Vice-Speaker
Scott Pasichow, MD, MPH  

Medical Simulation is widely becoming an important part of medical education and has become a popular fellowship among EM graduates. EMRA members who enjoy simulation, are involved in simulation either at the medical student or residency level and/or want to pursue further education in simulation are encouraged to join the new EMRA Simulation Division. The first meeting of the division was at ACEP in 2013 where the follow objectives were discussed:

• Compile a list of available domestic and international simulation fellowships
• Have an active list of simulation resources
• Start a case bank to be shared among EMRA members
• Produce a guide to debriefing in both the clinical and simulation arenas

Simulation Fellowships

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Case Resources

SAEM Cases

CORD Cases

Wilderness Cases

Other Resources

Center For Medical Simulation


Simulation Groups

Society for Simulation in Healthcare
Society in Europe for Simulation Applied to Medicine

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