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Representing EMRA Residents in Sports Medicine (
Albert Leung, MD
University of Chicago
Vice Chair
Richard Grantier III, MD
University of Mississippi
Staff Liaison
James Bryant
Board Liaison, Director of Membership
Shehni Nadeem, MD
Baylor College of Medicine

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Download EMRA's Free Splinting Guide

EMRASplingCard EMRA Splinting Guide
Published July, 2017
R. Ian Ross, MD; Anna L. Waterbrook, MD, FACEP, CAQ-SM

When you need a quick refresher on various splinting techniques, this handy resource can help. Developed by the former chair of the EMRA Sports Medicine Division and reviewed by the 2017 chair of the ACEP Sports Medicine Section, this free, downloadable PDF offers baseline splinting guidance, illustrations and steps for 11 different techniques, plus indications and complications.


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Why Sports Medicine?

It's pretty clear that you love emergency medicine, but do you love sports as well? Did you know you can incorporate your passion for athletics into your daily practice by pursuing a fellowship in sports medicine as an emergency physician? Truth. Sports medicine is an ABMS-recognized fellowship pathway through emergency medicine, which is rapidly growing in popularity and opportunity.

Whether you plan to pursue a fellowship or just have a general love of sports, you are in luck because acute athletic injuries present to the emergency department on a fairly routine basis. Recent reports estimate over 4 million emergency department visits annually for injuries related to participation in sports and recreation.

We are here to provide our members valuable information, including: A comprehensive list of fellowship programs, how to pursue fellowships, elective opportunities, mentorship support, publications, and various clinical resources within the world of sports medicine.  


Sports Medicine Fellowships

See the current list of opportunities around the US 

Roadmap to Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship

The EMRA Sports Medicine Fellowship Playbook is a fantastic resource for those interested in pursuing a career in Sports Medicine!


The ACEP Sports Medicine Section has an awesome mentorship program - get involved!

Elective Opportunities

Coming soon!

National Organizations

American Medical Society of Sports Medicine (AMSSM)
- National primary care sports medicine organization
- Accepts resident members
- Sponsored journals: Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine, British Journal of Sports Medicine, and Sports Health Journal


American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)
- National sports medicine and exercise science organization
- Sponsored journals: Medicine & Science in Sports and Exercise, Exercise and Sports Review, Current Sports Medicine Report, and Sports Medicine Bulletin

ACEP Sports Medicine Section

As a resident, you get joint memberships in both EMRA and ACEP - so make sure you're aware and informed of what the ACEP Sports Medicine Section is doing!
When you set up your EMRA/ACEP membership, you get (2) section memberships for free - one to YPS, and one of your choice. Sign up for Sports Medicine to see what other physicians in the field are doing!



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