Toxicology Division

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Representing EMRA Residents in Toxicology (
Alexandra Amaducci, DO
Lehigh Valley Health Network
Vice Chair
Aaron Frey, DO
Lehigh Valley Health Network
Staff Liaison
April Applewhite
Board Liaison, Ex-Officio Board Member
Geoffrey Comp, DO
Ohio Health Doctors Hospital

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Toxicology Division Objectives:

• Encourage interest in the field of toxicology among EMRA members
• Provide educational resources for management of the toxicology patient in the emergency department
• Educate emergency medicine residents regarding careers in toxicology

ACEP Toxicology Section

As a resident, you get joint memberships in both EMRA and ACEP - so make sure you're aware and informed of what the ACEP Toxicology Section is doing!
When you set up your EMRA/ACEP membership, you get (2) section memberships for free - one to YPS, and one of your choice. Why not make that choice Toxicology?


Toxicology Fellowships

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