Academic Excellence Award

Purpose of Award: Given to a resident who has done outstanding work in research or other academic pursuits.

Application Process: Single letter of support, the nominee's curriculum vitae, and application form 

Eligibility: Resident member of EMRA 

Selection Criteria: Recognition by ones own institution for their academic excellence and publication within the medical literature.

Award: Plaque and $1000

Co-Sponsor: Envision Physician Services

Application Deadline: January 15

Award Date: Spring Meeting 

Date of Inception: 1985 

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Past Recipients

1986 Scott A. Syverud, MD 1987 Jeffrey S. Jones, MD 1988 Donald M. Yealy, MD
1989 Carl L. Cudnofsky, MD 1990 David C. Seaberg, MD 1991 Daniel Debehnke, MD
1992 Charles V. Pollack, MD 1993 David Magid, MD 1994 Rachael L. Chin, MD
1995 Michael L. Carl, MD 1996 Clifton Callaway, MD 1997 Michael Howard, MD
1998 Christopher Lipinski, MD 1999 Romolo Gaspari, MD 2000 Debra Houry, MD
2001 Latha G. Stead, MD 2002 John C. Southall, MD 2003 H. Bryant Nguyen, MD
2004 Benjamin S. Abella, MD 2005 Mark Glenn Moseley, MD, MHA 2006 Mini DeLaShaw, MD
2007 Adam J. Rosh, MD, MS 2008 Jason Nomura, MD 2009 Jody Vogel, MD
2010 Jason Heiner, MD 2011 Stacey L. House, MD 2012   Breena R. Taira, MD, MPH
2013 Laura Medford-Davis, MD 2014 Nicholas Johnson, MD 2015 Matthew Stull, MD    
2016 Carl Berdahl, MD 2017 Justine Nagurney, MD    


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