Augustine D’Orta Award

Purpose of Award: This award honors a resident physician who demonstrates outstanding community-minded, grassroots oriented political involvement in health policy or community issues

Application Process:  Submit a single letter of support, the nominee's CV, and application form

Eligibility: Resident member of EMRA

Selection Criteria: Leadership and service in community health care

Award: Certificate and $1000 

Co-Sponsor: Augustine D'Orta Foundation

Application Deadline: July 15

Award Date: Fall Meeting

Date of Inception: 1992

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Past Recipients

1992 Larry L. Alexander, MD 1993 Louis M. Profeta, MD 1994 Darryl J. Maclas, MD
1995 Robert B. Bristow, MD 1996 Lisa D. Hrutkay, DO 1997 James P. Locke, MD
1998 Kelly Abbrescia, DO 1999 Allen Smolenski, MD 2000 Vena Ricketts, MD
2001 Mary Jo Wagner, MD 2002 Francis M. Sullivan, MD 2003 Victor Pinkes, MD
2004 Jeremiah Schuur, MD 2005 Benjamin Hudson, MD 2006 Alwyn Andrew-Mziray, MD
2007 Satchit Balsari, MBBS, MPH 2008 Craig Schrantz, MD 2009 Ravneet Dhillon, MD
2010 Christine Ngaruiya, MD 2011 Vikant Gulati, MD 2012 Beth M Ranney, MD
2013 Candace Nall, MD 2014 Brad Roberts, MD 2015 Dennis Hsieh, MD
2016 Shehni Nadeem, MD 2017



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