Clinical Excellence Award

Purpose of Award: This award recognizes a resident who has done outstanding work in the clinical aspect of emergency medicine

Application Process: Single letter of support, the nominee's curriculum vitae, and application form

Eligibility: Resident member of EMRA

Selection Criteria: Recognition by ones own institution for their clinical excellence

Award: Plaque and $1,000

Co-Sponsor: TeedCo Healthcare Recruiting

Application Deadline:  July 15
Award Date:
Fall Meeting

Date of Inception: 1989

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Past Recipients

1989 Joseph Sach, MD 1990 Craig Soltis, Sr., MD 1991 Phyllis Doerger, MD
1992 Steven Bernsteim, MD 1993 Michael Ritter, MD 1994 Richard J. Schaller, MD
1995 Eric Swanson, MD 1996 Scott W. Branney, MD 1997 Steve McLaughlin, MD
1998 Robert Orman, MD 1999 Jeffrey H. Souryal, MD 2000 Michael Peebles, MD 
2001 John B. Hinckley, DO  2002 Shkelzen Hoxhaj, MD 2003 Michael Winters, MD
2004 Michael D. McBeth, MD 2005 Jason Liebzelt, MD 2006 Britney Anderson, MD
2007 Tony Berger, MD 2008 Jessica Brooks, MD 2009 LCDR Lanny Littlejohn, MD
2010 De B. Winter, MD 2011 Margaret Samuels-Kalow, MD 2012 Nicole Seleno, MD
2013 Ryan Pedigo, MD 2014 Paige Armstrong, MD 2015 Benjamin Murphy, MD
2016 Thomas N. Smith, MD 2016 Amanda F. Tarkowski, MD 2016 Christopher H. Ponder, MD
2016 Amanda M. Stone 2016 Tory Weatherford, MD    



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