Joseph F. Waeckerle Alumni Award

Purpose of Award: This award honors a physician who has made an extraordinary, lasting contribution to the success of EMRA

Application Process: Single letter of support, the nominee's curriculum vitae, and application form

Eligibility: Attending physician

Selection Criteria: Service to EMRA, leadership, commitment, EMRA membership

Award: Plaque

Co-Sponsor: Dr. Waeckerle

Application Deadline: July 15

Award Date: Fall Meeting

Date of Inception: 1992

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Past Recipients

1992 Joseph F. Waeckerle, MD 1993 Louis J. Ling, MD 1995 E. Jackson Allison, Jr., MD
1996 Robert J. Doherty, MD 1997 Larry L. Alexander, MD 1998 Robert E. Suter, DO, MHA
1999 James A. D'Orta, MD 2000 Joseph P. Wood, MD, JD 2001 James H. Bryan, MD, PhD
2002 John C. Moorehead, MD, FACEP  2003 Robert Blankenship, MD  2004 Pamela L. Dyne, MD
2005 Cherri Hobgood, MD 2006 Linda Lawrence, MD, FACEP 2007 Kristin Harkin, MD, FACEP
2008 Neil Emerson Winston, MD, FACEP 2009 Peter Sokolove, MD, FACEP 2011 Lesli S. Zun, MD, FACEP
2012 Gus Garmel, MD, FACEP 2013 Angela Siler Fisher, MD, FACEP 2014 Brian Levine, MD, FACEP
2015 Steven Stack, MD, FACEP 2016 Kevin Klauer, MD, FACEP



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