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A critical component to increasing wealth for emergency medicine residents is the strategic navigation of available student loan repayment and forgiveness programs.  Due to the complexity of these programs, Doctors Without Quarters (DWOQ) serves as an advocate for early-career emergency medicine physicians. 


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Exclusively for EMRA members! DWOQ offers comprehensive, fee-based sessions at a discounted rate. Sessions include: 

  • Review of your federal and private loan portfolio
  • Identification of consolidation needs and action plan where applicable
  • Repayment overview, including income-driving options and loan forgiveness opportunities
  • Detailed review of consolidation and repayment application, including servicers recommendation if applicable
  • Review of loan portfolio and career path for refinancing opportunities and suitability
  • Tax, legislative and credit considerations overview
  • Discussion of income protection and financial goals (home/practice purchase, etc.)
  • Creation of a budget
  • Detailed timeline of action items and renewal expectations

Interested in refinancing your student loans? Free Suitability Analysis

Normally $250, this is FREE for EMRA members!

There's also a one-time bonus of at least $200 if your loan is refinanced through a DWOQ partner!

Save 15% on a DWOQ consultation 

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