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About Emergency Medical Abstracts 

Emergency Medicine is a broad specialty that encompasses many fields in medicine. That's why keeping up on the literature in EM is so challenging. The best papers in pediatrics may be published in pediatric journals. The same is true for cardiology, pulmonology, and urology. You name it. 

Emergency Medical Abstracts is a monthly podcast that was created to address this problem. We provide a whole range of services intended to keep you on top of the EM literature in a painless and enjoyable format. 

 • Over 600 Journals Surveyed Each Month     

We survey 600+ journals a month - that's right, over 600. We look for all of the articles pertinent to EM. We list them in a searchable database that has over 175,000 citations to which you'll have access.  

 • 30 Key Papers Summarized and Critiques Each Month  

Our three rotating teams of emergency physician experts choose 30 of the papers they feel are the most interesting and likely to affect your practice. Detailed, fact-filled abstracts are written focusing on the most appropriate information for EP's. 

Then our commentators summarize the 30 papers, critically assess the methods and put the findings of the papers into perspective. In the process of their analysis, over time, you'll learn all the "tricks-of-the-trade" and be able to confidently assess papers on your own.

 • A Keyword Searchable Database of the Citations, Abstracts and Essays 

And, like the citations, all of the abstracts are keyword searchable and, for the most part, you'll be able to hear the reviewer's audio summary and commentary with your search results.

 • A Searchable Audio Essay on a Leading-Edge EM Topic 

Our commentators present a 20-30 minute audio essay on a leading-edge EM topic, which also includes a printed searchable summary. 

 • A 30-Minute Evidence Based Lecture 

Taken from the annual Emergency Medicine & Acute Care course, you'll hear a literature-based review of a key topic each month to help round out your EMA experience, plus you'll receive a copy of the detailed lecture notes.

 • An Interview with an EM Newsmaker 

Whether it is an author of a key article or some other EM notable, each month you'll hear an in-depth interview by one of our commentators. 

 • Reflections of a Skeptic with Jerry Hoffman 

To round out the monthly issue, you'll be able to enjoy Jerry Hoffman's own segment, "Reflections of a Skeptic." Past co-host of EMA for over 25 years, Jerry will provide a provocative look at a new topic each month. Renowned for his ability to dissect the sources of bias in medical literature, Jerry always puts a thoughtful spin on medical information that causes us to think twice.   


Our Goal is Simple.  We want you to come to depend upon EMA as a significant and ongoing resource as you progressively become a seasoned emergency specialist. And as an added benefit, we want to keep you ahead of your faculty - we want you to know the studies they'll be quoting to you before they do. Please give EMA a try - it is the only service of its kind and is a perfect complement to EMRAP and FOAMed podcasts.

Learn More about EM Abstracts 

To meet the commentators and listen to audio clips of all the components, visit emabstracts.com


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