Top Articles of 2021

One of the best things about EM Resident is its enduring nature - core concepts and fundamental approaches stand the test of time, as proven by the fact that many of our most-read articles of 2021 were first printed in prior years. Enjoy! 

Challenge Accepted
The ECG Challenge maintained its popularity this year, keeping your interpretation skills sharp. (And if you like that challenge, check out EMRA's new Emergency ECGs e-book, which comes with its own surprises.)  

Most-Read Articles of 2021
A refresher on ventilator alarms, a rundown of the HINTS exam, RSI basics, and arterial line placement, a review of the crashing patient with critical aortic stenosis: all of these previously published papers topped our charts in 2021.

Additional most-read articles from EM Resident this year include: 

• STEMI Equivalents: Can't-Miss Patterns
Daniel Kreider, MD; Jeremy Berberian, MD

• How to Manage MDMA Toxicity
Amit Gupta, MD; Daniel O. Bral, DO, MPH; Miguel Reyes, MD

• Penile Mondor's Disease: Rare or Just Under-diagnosed?
Jett MacPherson; Saundra Jackson, MD, RDMS, FACEP

• Terminal Extubation in the ED: Palliative Care in Emergency Medicine
Marc Cassone, DO; Garrett Stoltzfus, MD; Eric Melnychuk, DO

• Positivity Amidst a Pandemic
Briana Corkill

• Policy Shift in the Opioid Epidemic: An Update on the X-Waiver
Alexander Schin; Halla Bates

• How to Approach the Pediatric Elbow
Shahfar Khan, MD, FAAP; Brian D. Novi, DO; Youck Jen Sui Navarro, MD; Dorota Pazdrowska-Chawdhry, MD; Erica Poletto, MD

• Nobody Nose: A Case Report of Spontaneous Nasal Septal Abscess
Ashley Werbin, DO; Andrew Schaffrinna, MD

• Financial Impacts of ED Observation Units: Literature and Strategies Review
Clinton Lam; Jared Ditkowsky, MD; Vineet Kumar Sharma, MD, MS; Nicholas Stark, MD, MBA

• Ocular Instillation of Cyanoacrylate Adhesive: A Case Report
Marwa K. Maki; Jason W. David, MD, Capt (USAF)

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