20 in 6 Resident Lecture Competition

Resident Lecture Competition at ACEP17
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WHEN: Tuesday, October 31, 2017   1pm-3pm    

WHERE: Washington, DC in conjunction with ACEP17


Taking Applications Now! Submit Your Application by June 15, 2017! 

What’s the EMRA 20 in 6 Resident Lecture Competition?  

The EMRA 20 in 6 Resident Lecture Competition is hosted by residents for residents providing a unique venue at ACEP17 to feature the best resident speakers in the country, each competing to win the title of "2017 Best Resident Lecturer." Residents are given up to six minutes and exactly 20 PowerPoint slides to lecture on any topic that is relevant to emergency medicine. It's designed to be a fast-paced, intellectually-stimulating event in a fun, EMRA-style atmosphere.     

 Thank you to our friends at HippoEM for their gracious support of this event!  

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Helpful Hints to Know about the Competition 

How to Rock Your Presentation

  View 2015 Winning Presentations

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The Judges 

Judges will be announced soon!

Fabulous Prizes

Of course there are fabulous prizes - to be announced soon!

Application Process:


• Must be a resident at the time of the live competition. 
  (4th year medical students may apply; graduating seniors may not).
• Must be an active EMRA member.

You may apply again if you were not selected as a speaker in last year's competition. Feel free to resubmit your previous topic or submit a new one. 

Sorry, if you were a speaker at last year's event, you are not eligible to compete this year. 

EMRA is unable to monetarily assist contestants with expenses related to this competition.

Proposal Submission

• Online submission form that includes a written summary of the proposed topic (less than 250 words) and up to three written objectives for the lecture.

• Letter of support from Program Director stating that the resident is available and able to travel to ACEP17 for the competition.
• Your headshot/photo. All digital artwork must be @300dpi (dots per inch) or higher. All photographs must be clear and in sharp focus. TIFF, EPS, or high resolution JPEGs are the only acceptable digital file types.

• You may submit as many applications as you'd like. Letter of support, photo and release waiver can be submitted with your first application only; no need to submit copies with each subsequent application. 
Signed release waiver

EMRA Education Committee members will review and score applications. Fifteen competitors will be selected to present at ACEP17. Competitors must email their slides by October 1st.

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