20 in 6 Presentations 2015


Every year, fifteen residents compete in the event with spirited 6-minute talks about anything in emergency medicine that strikes their fancy. A panel of four judges, all well-known lecturers and emergency medicine leaders in their own right, give honest feedback to the competitors and determine the top two winners. The audience gets a chance to vote, too, by rewarding the coveted “People’s Choice” award. See the 2015 presentations below.


First Place Winner

David Terca, MD; Mt. Sinai St. Luke's - Roosevelt Hospital; "To Sleep, Perchance to Dream: A Brief Overview of the Circadian Rhythm in Emergency Medicine"


Second Place Winner

Peter McCorkell, MD; New York Medical College; "Beyond Pimping: Strategies for Better Teaching"



People's Choice Winner

Aaron Heckelman, MD; University of Nevada - Las Vegas; "Zofran in the First Trimester: Your Next Potential Lawsuit"


Other Competitors

Ashley Atiyeh, MD; Allegheny General Hospital; “OMG (Don’t) Consult ENT! Management of Epistaxis in the ED”


Ariel Bowman, MD; LAC+USC Medical Center; “The Crashing Trach Patient”


Max Fitzgerald, MD; LAC+USC Medical Center; “The Red Eye: When It Matters and When It Doesn’t”


Tyler Hartman, MD; Mayo Clinic; “The Difficult Airway: The Approach to Awake Fiberoptic Intubation”


Matthew Hanudel, MD; LSU Shreveport; “Management of Priapism in the Emergency Department”


Maite Huis in’t Veld, MD; University of Maryland; “The Connection Between Human and Animal Health”


Ari Lapin, MD; Mt. Sinai St. Luke’s Roosevelt; “Taming the Beast: The Consult Call Made Simple”


Eric Lee, MD; Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai; “No Pulse, No Blood Pressure, No Problem: How to Handle Patients with LVADs”


Scott Owens, MD; UCSF Fresno; "Discharge to Home Health: Integrating the ED into Community Health Systems”


Jamie Santistevan, MD; University of Wisconsin; “Elevated ST-segments: Just Benign Early Repolarization”


Katherine Staats, MD; University of Texas Austin; “Continuous Capnography in the ER: Why You Should Be Using it Today”


Sybil Zachariah, MD; Stanford Kaiser; “Uh-oh, Better Get ECMO!”



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